HUSSAIN TALAT complete information

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information
HUSSAIN TALAT complete information

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information Gernal information

Full name: Muhammad Hussain Talat

Father name: unknown

Mother name: unknown

Nick name: unknown

Eye colors: black

Hairs color: black

Date of birth 12 February 1996

Birth place: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Age: 22 years 337days

Height in cm and m: unknown

Height in ft. unknown

Teams Pakistan, Pakistan U19, Islamabad unit

Wife name Tegmina Hussain

Child: 3 children’s

Bowling style: right arm medium fast

Batting style: left handed

Role in team: batting all rounder


Hussain Talat is a Pakistani cricketer.  He was a Muslim. He was born in Lahore of Punjab. His full name is Muhammad Hussain Talat but his nick name is Hussain. His nick name also calls his family people and friends. He loves with his family. His also give preference with family. They also celebrate every event with family. He was living with happy family. They feel incomplete with family. The cricket playing dream seen his father and complete his son (Hussain Talat). But Hussain Talat completes our father dream. His mother is a house wife. The Hussain is great love with our parents. His father is a very hard working. The Hussain Talat is married with cousin. The Hussain Talat love with her wife. His wife name is Tehmina Hussain. The Hussain Talat has three children. They mostly time depends with her family. He was also love with family. He loves his child and every weekend going to outing with his family.

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information Overview on his life:

Hussain Talat was born in Lahore at 12 February. He completes his early education in the primary school of Lahore and completes his master from Lahore University. After complete his study he join Pakistan team to playing. In his childhood he interest and spirit to playing cricket and do not miss any match to watch on the TV. He became the cricketer to the advice of his father and brother. He always show good performance in every match and show good and nice behavior to the other team who team members come on and playing with Pakistani teams. Pakistani team always shows good behavior to the every team. Hussain Talat is a best and supper batsman in the Pakistani teams. He is a left handed batsman and show good performance in the world. He is also as amazing right arm bowling style in his domestic carrier.

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information Overview on his carrier:

His international carrier is so interesting and amazing. His national side is Pakistan, he contract on 1st April 2018 to West Indies for T20I debut cap 77. He also contract Australia for last T20I on 24 October 2018. His domestic carrier is so amazing in the age of 22 he contract to the team of SNGPL in the years of 2013 to 2018, he also contract to the team of ZTBL in the years of 2013 to present. He playing well in every match and win in every match. He also contract with Islamabad united in the years of 2016 to present. His team is federal areas in the years of 2017 to present. He also contract Cape Town blitz in the years of 2018 to present. His career statistics is so perfect and amazing his play 31 match in FC, 49 in match LA and in T20I he play 11 matches. In FC competition his runs scored is 1176 and LA is 1392 runs scored and 273 runs scored in T20I. His batting average is 28 in FC, 39.77 in LA and 27.30 in T20I. Top scored in LA match series is 141, 86 in FC and 63 in T20I. He wins wickets 32 in FC match series, 14 wickets in LA and 4 in T20I. In April 2018 he plays as Federal areas for the 2018 Pakistan cup. When you perform well he send positive vibes in all around the world. He also helps to the other persons. The exposure he was get is exceptional, and his identity. He also replace with the engaged to the other team member during the playing crickets. Hussain Talat is a

  • Writer
  • Journalist
  • Obsessive jogger
  • Massive meat eater
  • Voracious reader

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information Bad habit:

  • Not smoking
  • Don’t take drug
  • Don’t take wine or hard drinks whose harm your teeth and your body
  • Don’t take hard drinks
  • Don’t eat fried things but rare eat diet fried food

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information For maintain good health:

  • Take daily milk and apple for proper growth (milk make your body strong, healthy and milk contain protean and lactose).
  • He always use best products of food in daily diet
  • He take fresh juice of strawberry and carrot for good health

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information Body size:

The body figure is also important for body beauty. The size of height is 5 foot and 4 inches. The waist of body is 34. And biceps size is 11 inches. The arm is used for during match his arm is long therefore they caught easily. They run very fast with our legs and make runs. They join gym for maintain body size. His body weight is 76kg. The weight is increase and decrease during in different activities of life. When the Hussain Talat is free the body weight is increase therefore the body weight is not necessary for cricketers. The body weight is maintained through different activities as exercise, diet foods, and morning walk. The morning walk is necessary for body health and body size.

HUSSAIN TALAT complete information Physical appearance:

The skin of Hussain Talat is very soft. The hair color is black the Hussain Talat is not use any product on our hairs.  But shampoo is used for hair beauty. The hair is shine due to shampoo. The cricketers are mostly used pentane shampoo because the pentane shampoo gives shining and avoid dandruff from hairs. When the Hussain Talat is run during the match the hairs is shining and looking more beautiful. The color of his eyes is black they cannot use lens for eyes beauty because the eyes of Hussain Talat is very attractive than other cricketers. They care our skin because the skin and face beauty is most important for cricketers beauty. The beauty of cricketer face is most important for audience because the audience is also follow of our ideal. Therefore the face beauty is mostly necessary for cricketers. The Hussain Talat is used different products for face beauty because during the match the beauty of face will be damaged due to sun light. The sun block is used for skin protection during the match practice. And in winter he was used lotion for skin protection for avidness from dandruffs. The lotion gives moisturizing for skin.

Favorite’s food:

The Hussain Talat is like different foods in different form dishes as biryani, pasta, macaroni, Chinese food, and other fast foods like as Burger, pizza, chicken sand witches and some others. The favorite’s vegetable is potato. They also like salad with our diet because the fresh salad is make the skin and body fresh. The doctor also recommended the fresh salad for patients’ health. The carrot and radish also necessary for every person for better growth and body health. The people are become fresh and healthy due to take healthy diet and maintain your body weight.

Favorite place:

The favorite place is London and Japan. They go in different countries in his life when he was unmarried. They are going as different place as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Dubai, and some other place in Pakistan. He was play best role in match with Pakistan team. The behavior with team is always good. The Hussain Talat plays best with teams.

Favorite games:

The favorite’s game is videos games. They play videos games in free time. When they play games they feel relax. They keep every tension away from our mind when they play videos games. The Hussain Talat knows the videos games are play children but Hussain Talat said for videos games no limits of age.

Favorite’s actors:

The Hussain Talat like Bollywood actors. The Hussain Talat listen song of Bollywood actors in free time. But during work he was focus only our work. Because work and playing is most important for our life. He sometime says the world ‘playing is a part of my body or my life’ He was watch movies of Bollywood actors. The Bollywood actor is play best role in different movies. He was going in cinema for watching movies with friends. He spends free time with our friends. The Bollywood actor is Salman Kahn and Amir Khan and some others.

Favorite drink:

He drinks mango juice in summer season because every person in summer drinks mango juice. Mango keeps our mind fresh and healthy. In winter season he takes strawberry juice and green tea. Green tea aids digestion by boosting your body which maintains your metabolic rate. Benefit of green tea

  • May assist weight loss
  • Reduce abdominal fat
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • It also help fight ageing
  • It also help promote heart health by lowering the levels of cholesterol in your body
  • It contain 25mg of potassium


His salary package is 250000 per month. He takes his first salary and going outing with his family. His mother was so happy for his progress.

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