Images that self-destruct?

Images that self-destruct? This is the new WhatsApp feature

It is similar to direct messages from Instagram and consists in that the user will send the images and these will be deleted when they leave the conversation

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Denisse Pérez Antonio | The Sun of Puebla: Images that self-destruct? 

WhatsApp continues to surprise us with its innovations and this time it announced that it is developing the image self-destruction function . This tool is still being tested in future versions of Android and iOS .

Its form of display is similar to direct messages from Instagram and consists in that the user will send the images and these will be automatically deleted when they leave the conversation.

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TECHNOLOGY: Images that self-destruct? 

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To select this option, the user will be able to select the process in which they want to send their photo and in the upper left part they will find an icon that indicates self-destruction, with this, they will let their interlocutor know that when leaving the conversation, the image will be deleted.

The person who receives the self-destruct warning will see the blurred image and when they open it, they will be notified of the next deletion. You will also not be able to share it to other apps.

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So you can activate temporary messages

Another novelty that the messaging app launched is the function of temporary messages, which can be activated from the chat of the user with whom you want to talk. These messages will only be available for seven days.

In an individual chat, either person can turn temporary messages on or off. In groups, only those who manage them will have the control to do so.

After seven days, the received messages will disappear from the chat if the option is activated.

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You can activate them like this:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat.
  • Touch the contact’s name.
  • Tap Temporary messages.
  • If prompted, tap CONTINUE.
  • Select On.


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