Importance of Body Language in Business: Body Marketing

Importance of Body Language in Business: Body Marketing

Importance of Body Language in Business: Body Marketing

Apply these tips and you will see great results in your work life

It is extremely important to practice or exercise this non-verbal communication, especially if you are in business. This will strengthen you against lies, will make you more observant and analytical, it will also help you communicate better and match with people: It is body marketing.

Surely it has happened to you that when you see a businessman give a conference as if you don’t believe him , the sixth sense tells you that something is wrong. You may not be able to explain it but you just don’t trust …

Just because you don’t believe a person doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lying. Most of our communication is non-verbal ; If your movements and intonation are not in sync with what you are saying, there is an inconsistency and that makes you unbelievable.

How to be persuasive: Importance of Body Language in Business: Body Marketing

According to the research of the famous psychologist Albert Mehrabian , up to 93% of communication is non-verbal and although his study focuses on conversations of an emotional nature, this leaves us a clear picture of the importance of body movements when communicate.

For example, politicians have specialized people who write their speeches and even advise them on what to say in front of the media, but very few have experts who explain how to use tones of voice, how to move your hands to communicate and that is one of the reasons most of them are not credible, even when they are eventually telling the truth.

This is precisely my field of action, I have been working for several years with the body communication of politicians, video creators or camera-shy people who need to be interviewed.

What is body language for?:Importance of Body Language in Business: Body Marketing

Neurolinguistic Programming teaches us how with the movement of the eyes the human being can detect at an unconscious level if he trusts someone or not, do not worry, it is not difficult to learn, basically everything is summarized to be congruent and have confidence in yourself .

To solve this type of situation, exhaustive personalized analysis by a professional is required, but broadly speaking there are elements that apply universally such as showing an open posture, using the hands to illustrate ideas, looking into the eyes. people, have moderate physical contact, do not lower your gaze, take care of your tone of voice, etc.

Perhaps the most important of all is to believe what you are saying, if you do not believe it, it does not matter that you know a thousand non-verbal communication strategies, in the end the mind will end up betraying with voice inflections or subtle movements that denote your doubts. Without realizing it, you will reveal micro gestures in the eyes or in the corners of the face that will give you away.

All these details are captured by the subconscious and sent to our perception so that in a complex mental process we decide to believe or not.

Extra information

Complementing the topic, I invite you to review How to sell without selling by JavoMartínez   since contributing and contributing honestly and openly is always better than selling or imposing false perceptions …

I am Rubén Arellano , a specialist in the Importance of body language in business (I teach public figures how to deal with cameras and people), if there is anything I can help you to improve your voice, posture or message in your videos, broadcasts, photos or any other content where you have to appear, we will gladly check and improve it, press the button to follow me on social networks and see you there.


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