Is Chinese a difficult language?

Is Chinese a difficult language?

Mandarin Chinese is a language that has a reputation for being a difficult language.
First of all, it will be necessary to go through a first stage of learning: memorizing the Chinese pinyin alphabet, in other words, the phonetic alphabet. This will help you, from the first Chinese classes , to familiarize yourself with the sounds of the Chinese language (especially the four tones) and to learn your first words to be able to say good morning or introduce yourself.
In parallel, you will have to get started in the world of Chinese calligraphy and learn to write your first Chinese characters. With well-made chips it will be much easier. You will directly visualize the Chinese character and its pronunciation through the phonetic transcription and its meaning, thanks to the Spanish-Chinese translation.
Soon you will learn Chinese grammar and conjugation. Good news for the new student: there is no conjugation, gender or number in Chinese. Only the subject changes in a sentence in Chinese.
However, as mentioned above, Chinese is a tonal language. The pronunciation and tone used influence the meaning of words. Therefore, it is a part that must be seriously worked on. Taking private lessons with a teacher whose mother tongue is Chinese is a considerable advantage for you to improve your oral expression. A native person will know how to teach you all the subtleties of the language and share with you their knowledge about China (culture, traditions, way of life, art…). The language and culture of a country are, in fact, aspects that cannot be separated.

The tools to learn Chinese more easily: Is Chinese a difficult language?

Do you want to quickly learn to get along in Chinese? Are you thinking of going to China to work or spend a season?
Do you want to progress quickly because you need to make yourself understood in Chinese for different reasons? So, you will have to have patience and perseverance. Group classes, at night, intensive courses in a language school, conversation classes … Starting to study Chinese can take different forms, but Chinese classes will not be enough if you do not practice daily to make the most of the memorization of these new knowledge.

How to give your Chinese learning a boost?

With basic-level private classes, the teacher can help the student to achieve their objectives. The personalized classes will focus the student on their specific difficulties and axes of progression.
A time saver when it comes to learning a language.
In your daily learning, multiply the tools: online Chinese classes, Chinese dictionary, audios, and mobile applications will help you develop your language skills as a whole (oral expression and comprehension, as well as writing).
Before you can speak Chinese fluently, you will need time, but if you travel to China for a while, then you will be able to immerse yourself in the heart of the country, mingle with native people, make new friends, stroll along the Great Wall of China, and perfect your language practice. Confucian.
Likewise, you can quickly enrich your Chinese vocabulary, but also discover other dialects. In fact, China has a large number of languages: Cantonese, Wu, Min… It is, therefore, the opportunity to receive calligraphy classes to fully know this ancient art.

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