“I make you a Bizum” is a phrase that is heard a lot lately. It is a clear reflection of the depth that the use of this application has penetrated among society in the last year. It was already heard before the pandemic, but after confinement and security measures (not exchanging cash) it has skyrocketed.

The application allows you to send payments, transfers or donations to other individuals, companies or NGOs from your mobile. Compatible with the majority of large banks in Spain, it is a safe and free app to make these money exchanges more quickly and comfortably.

Its use is very simple, it is necessary to link the phone number with a bank account, so others can send us the money without asking for the account, they only need to know the phone number with which they call us or send messages by WhatsApp. But this has a downside.

I have been scammed by Bizum, what can I do?

Bizum has become the most popular payment system between individuals through mobile phones in Spain. As in any other medium, scams are also possible. What are the steps to follow to claim?

Many users complain about the limitation of linking the mobile number with a single bank account. Instead of having several and choosing which one to send the money with in each situation, the application only allows you to choose an account, a bank.

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However, there are certain tricks with which we can “cheat”. To begin with, Bizum allows you to easily switch from one account to another, so it is possible to unlink the current account and join the phone to another that you need at that time.

If this method does not convince you, you can opt for another alternative. Use two phones, not two cell phones. Many smartphones have space for two SIM cards and can combine their services between a personal number and a work number, if you have these two cards, you can link each number to a different bank account and thus use both according to the needs of each moment.

We leave you a complete tutorial to know everything that Bizum offers and how to activate it on your mobile with the different banks that already work with this popular application. Is it possible to have multiple Bizum accounts with a single number to increase the trading limit?