Junaid    khan complete information

Junaid    khan complete information

Junaid    khan complete information

Junaid    khan complete information
Junaid    khan complete information

Name: Junaid khan.

Full name: Muhammad Junaid khan.

Nick name: Joni

Date of birth: 24 December 1989.

Current age: 29 years, 24 days.

Birth place: Punjab, Pakistan.

Professional: Pakistani cricketer.

Father name: Zahiri Khan

Mother name: unknown

Marital status: married

Wife name: Khans Khan

Bowling style: left

Batting style: right hand

Role bowler: Bowler

Major teams: Peshawar Zami, Pakistan, Abbottabad, Abbottabad rhinos, Lancashire, Middlesex, Multan sultan, Pakistan under 19

Height in cm: unknown

Height in m: unknown

Weight in kg: unknown

Eye color: greenish.

Hair color: black.

Favorite food: fast food

Favorite place: Swat.

Hobby: watch matches.

Favorites drink: orange juice, strawberry juice.

Junaid    khan complete information  INTRODUCTION:

The Junaid khan is a best cricketer of Pakistan team. The Junaid khan is Muslim and his religion is Islam. He was born in swat at 24 December in 1989. The Junaid khan age is 27 years old. The birth place is Marta, North West frontier province. The full name is Muhammad Junaid khan and his nick name is Joni his nick name is only calling his friends and his family members. The Junaid khan father name is Zahiri khan. He is a married and his wife name is khans khan. And God is blessed with one baby boy. The name of his baby boy is Ayaan khan. And his son is born in Saturday. The Junaid khan father is a first cricketer of Pakistan team. The brother name is Yasir shah. And Yasir shah is a cousin brother. The Junaid khan is belonging to Pathan family and his language is Pashto. The shirt number of Junaid khan is 83.

Junaid    khan complete information  PHYSICAL APPEARANCE:

The face colors in pinkish because the Junaid khan is belonging to Pathan family. The color is greenish. The greenish color of eye is real color. The Junaid khan not use lens for eyes beauty his eyes is naturally beautiful and attractive. The hair color is black. The hair color is naturally similar to eyes color. He was not used any product for hairs beauty. For hair beauty he was used only shampoo. The shampoo gives shining and gives protection from dandruffs.

Junaid    khan complete information  BODY SIZE:

The body size of Junaid khan is following as

The height of body is 1.86 meter and 6 foot and 1 inch. The size of biceps is 14 inches. And the waist size is 36. The arm size is moderate like other cricketers and size of legs is much differs than other cricketers because His legs are long. Through our legs he was running very fast during the match. The body weight of Junaid khan is 76 kilogram.

Junaid    khan complete information STYLE DURING MATCH:

The style of Junaid khan is very interesting during the match. The batting style is right handed and bowling style is left arm medium fast. The bowling speed is very fast. The Junaid khan plays a bowler role in Pakistan team. Therefore the Junaid is a bowler of Pakistan team. During match performance he wears gloves for hand protection and other materials for our body protection.

Junaid    khan complete information Overview on his life:

Junaid khan is international cricketer of Pakistani teams. In his childhood he starts his early study from primary school of Lahore. Then he complete his matriculation, he always participate in any game who conduct in colleges but he always success in every field of life. After his complete study than he join the Pakistani teams. Good performance of Junaid in always keeps in your memories. His bowling style is left arm fast. He plays well in every match and shows good behavior to the other team’s members. He plays last matches in T20I his batting style is DNB with India on March 21, 2014. He also plays with Afghanistan on December 8, 2013. He also contract with South Africa on November 22, 2013. He also contract with South Africa on November 20 in 2013. He also contract with West Indies on July 27, in 2013. His domestic carrier is so amazing, every Pakistani peoples like and fine to his performance. His bowling style is so interesting he play with India 0/23 on March 21, 2014. He play with Afghanistan 3/24 on December 8, 2013. He gains 0/34 with west India on July 27, 2013. He plays with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on July 25 in 2015 to gain 1/84. He always wish in his mind to gain wickets and win man of the match. In first match after his complete of study his family come and appreciates you to success in this match. Finally he win the match and become happy. You and your family were so happy on this match. His shirt numbers is different in any test match series but any number which is lucky in his life. He always shows good performance in any match or any game. In his childhood he participates in first time when he is in class of 4 so at that time events organize in the primary school. Then he participates in running at last he win the running and gain a prize. He always maintains his body fitness in any match. In 2016 when he was ignored for the ODI test match series in England there was strong and qualified to play with England. He plays last 5 test match series in ODI match series his batting and bowling style is so amazing in ODI match series. He plays many other teams such as Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and New Zealand. His show good performance in these matches series. He contract to new Zealand on 7 November, 2018 0 (0), he also contract 3(0) with Bangladesh on September 26, in 2018, he play good performance DNB with Zimbabwe on July 22, 2018, he also contract DNB with Zimbabwe on July 20 in 2018 but suddenly his leg are facture doctor say you to take bed rest for 3 days but you gain his goal. Finally you win the test match series during playing he feels pain in his leg but you focused on his goal. At last you win the match in this match his family come and appreciate you to gain his goal. In this match you gain 2 wickets and catch the ball and out to the other team so easily. He is first player from Swabi qualify for the Pakistan national cricket team, and his cousin the leg spinner Yasir shah. Junaid khan had his big moments under the day light or a sun when he became a kohl name is in the historical ODI test series will be held or conduct Pakistan with India.

Junaid    khan complete information To maintain his body weight:

He always tries to maintain his body weight and physical appearance

  • Junaid khan go to walk daily for half an hour
  • He daily take egg and milk in his breakfast because egg provide energy and milk provide for proper growth and physical appearance but in sometime he drink strawberry juice
  • He takes green lemon tea every member take green tea for better performance in every match. So green lemon tea active your body whole a day. You play well in every time and not tired.
  • He takes normal food in his lunch but not a spicy. He also eat salad for maintain face expression. Salad keeps your body fit and active whole a day but those persons who eat salad your face glowing and shining. Salad provides your body vitamins and protein.
  • He don’t eat oily or fried food because these food provide your body fats so fats stored in adipose tissue so in this way you easily tired and pain in your joints. At last this joints pain can disturb your life and cannot pay proper attention on any games.

Junaid    khan complete information FAVOURITE FOODS:

The favorites food of Junaid khan is following as

  • Fry fish.
  • Lady finger.
  • Carrot

The lady finger and carrot his favorites vegetables. The Junaid khan like all vegetables but his favorite’s vegetables is carrot and lady finger.


His favorites drink is orange juice and strawberry juice. His drink tea in morning time because the tea give freshness of mind. For fresh mind the tea is most necessary for mind. The Junaid khan drinks milk at night. The milk gives better nourishment for our health. The milk makes the bones very strong. The milk is very important for our body organs.


The Junaid Khan like only Pakistani songs. The song of Ali Zafar is like Junaid khan. The Ali Zafar is a most popular singer of Pakistan. The Ali Zafar is Muslim. The Junaid khan feels happy with Ali Zafar songs. When the Junaid khan is sad he was hear songs of Ali Zafar for avidness of our tensions.


The Junaid khan hobbies is following as,

  • Playing match.
  • Watching football match.
  • Playing videos games
  • Listening songs.


The Junaid khan is not take bear, and do not smoking. The Junaid khan is a Muslim man of Pakistan therefore he was not taking drink because the drink is not allow in Islam. And not take drugs. The drugs damage the internal organs of body and cause many diseases. Therefore the Junaid khan in which not occur any bad habits.


The social media profile of Junaid khan is following as,

  • Instar gram.

These all social media profile is give help to contact with public and for public comments.


The salary of Junaid khan is 350,000 RS.

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