Know everything about the Arabic language

Know everything about the Arabic language

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Learn Arabic with the help of a map
How to have an Arabic keyboard on your computer?
In which countries is it useful to learn Arabic?
Are you considering learning Arabic?
Don’t trust preconceptions. True, learning Arabic can seem unattainable if your mother tongue is of Latin origin.
To be honest, learning Arabic is more difficult than learning French, English or German.
But launching into the adventure of Arabic language classes is a great challenge.
Although there are some obstacles, you can overcome them with work, methodology and above all, a good Arabic teacher. Of course, the effort is worth it.

Learn Arabic with the help of a map: Know everything about the Arabic language

First strategy to accompany your learning of the Arabic language: use a geographical map of the Arab world.
Yes, a map ! You will easily learn to say red, father, gazelle, island, desert or mountain in Arabic.
Acquire notions of Arabic vocabulary by studying the etymology and lexicology of the countries, cities and famous places of the Arab countries.

Speaking the 8th most used language in the world means having to learn:

A totally different Arabic alphabet from ours,
A different pronunciation and sounds,
An extensive Arabic vocabulary,
A complex and highly varied Arabic linguistics.
To take your first step into the world of Arabic speakers , why not use a geographical map of the Middle East to expand your vocabulary?
Learn Arabic from a map?
Indeed, there are a multitude of word associations in the names of the cities and countries of the Arab world . Many of these countries and cities have specific references that are not the result of chance.
You can playfully learn this vocabulary in the language of Ismael through associations.

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