Latin teacher: how to gain experience

Latin teacher: how to gain experience

It is difficult to gain experience without practicing in front of the students. While you are waiting to have your own class or your own students, try to make progress in teaching Latin. For example, you can start by imagining your classes.

To find yourself in front of a real class, you can do the internship of the teacher’s master’s degree.

You can also  offer workshops in associations . In cities, there are often structures of this type that sometimes look for volunteers to lead workshops with diverse and varied audiences. Take the opportunity to offer your services and organize Latin workshops. You don’t have to give classes like in high schools and you can innovate.

For example, to entice students to enroll in your Latin classes, you can prepare an ancient cooking recipe for students to translate with your help. An activity that is sure to fascinate more than one!

These workshops can help you become a good teacher. Latin teacher: how to gain experience

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