Learn Arabic in Seville

Learn Arabic in Seville

Studying Arabic in Seville has multiple advantages, given the city’s interbreeding with Muslim culture.

Three Cultures Foundation: Learn Arabic in Seville: Learn Arabic in Seville

This autumn, the Tres Culturas Foundation and the Azarquiel Association continue to bet on the training of Arabic through their Arabic conversation club – Espacio Al Zubaydi, a space open to all the public, a heterogeneous public and that has the same common interest : learn Arabic and its culture in a relaxed way.
Once a week, the activity will be carried out with the interest of practicing Arabic in an informal environment, ignoring traditional teaching methods. In this sense, its format is not a typical class, in which every effort is made to teach grammar, but rather an immersion that allows us not only to know the language, but also its customs, its history and cultural keys and social.

Languages ​​Seville

Sevilla Idiomas offers you the best options for you to communicate in Arabic, with native teachers, with classes for children, youth and adults, for all levels, in the heart of Nervión (next to El Corte Inglés). In addition, if you need to prepare for official exams, they have professionals with whom you will receive the best training to achieve your goals. And since speaking a language is not everything, teachers will help you learn about Arabic culture in workshops, activities outside the classroom, excursions, etc.
This academy opens the doors to an ancient culture and language, through a communicative and dynamic approach, and in perfectly equipped classrooms. All Arabic courses have a limited number of places that guarantees the quality of learning. The courses, structured in different levels, also show you their equivalence with the different levels of the CEFR (Common Framework of Reference for Languages).

The Institute of Languages ​​of the University of Seville

The Arabic Area of ​​the Institute of Languages ​​of the University of Seville teaches modern Arabic classes to help people who try to learn this language for cultural, economic and social purposes.
The Language Institute teaches standard-modern Arabic, which is spoken in the 23 countries, Arabic in both the Middle East and Africa, which is used today in the media and used by Arabs from different countries to understand each other. There are four courses and the student has the possibility of starting from scratch if they do not have any knowledge of Arabic and can sign up for the level test to choose the level that corresponds to them if they have studied in other centers.

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