Learn Latin to be in the best classes

Learn Latin to be in the best classes

There are numerous sociological studies that show that Latin, since the Renaissance and the Humanist movement, has been the patrimony of the economic and social elite, literate and with extensive cultural knowledge.

The most favored families considered the learning of ancient languages as an instrument of distinction, prestige and social domination over the less favored categories.

Learning Latin was therefore a way of gaining access to the highest strata of society , taking into account that the Latinists were those who also understood the language of the Catholic Church.

Nowadays, although the situation is different, some parents consider the usefulness of the Latin option in school: if you learn the history of Pompeii or the Latin lexicon , to do Latin translation, sometimes it is with a view to a utility future when considering the undeniable benefits that this type of humanistic training brings.

“ The justification for the teaching of Greek and Latin in Spain, particularly in ESO and Baccalaureate, cannot and should not be formulated in terms of its usefulness for the future employment of the students, but because of its importance in the formative phase represented by these educational levels (…) ”, Madrid Manifesto 2017. SEEC (Fundación Pastor)

Latin is considered a passport for learning other living languages. Learn Latin to be in the best classes

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