One in the oil business NYT crossword

    One in the oil business NYT crossword

    Crossword puzzle is one of the most entertaining games. People with a good IQ level like this game because it requires high thinking ability to find the solution. Crossword puzzle game is usually published in magazines or newspaper but the apps are also available these days that enable puzzle lovers to play crossword puzzle game. 

    If you play crossword puzzle game then you might be interested to know about “One in the oil business NYT crossword.” 

    One in the oil business NYT crossword Solution

    The solution of this crossword is “ARTIST.” 


    Many people think that how artist is associated with Oil industry. Let me explain 

    The world of art and oil industry are highly associated with each other and made a complex relationship. Oil paints are the major thing, which create a relationship between oil industry and artist. Oil paints are trending these days as a most significant artistic medium because artist select them to create art. Artist use oil paints due to the wide span of colors ease to use, incredible layering ability and many other reasons. That is why; the solution of this crossword clue is Artist. 

    One in the oil business NYT crossword Published Date 

    This is a difficult crossword because it is very confusing for people to find out or think about the relationship of art and artist with the oil industry. This crossword was published in New York Time Crossword on 5 February 2023. New York Time (NYT) is a magazine published in New York. This magazine publishes crossword puzzle to give entertainment and joy to its readers. Some crosswords that are published on NYT are difficult and time taking while some is very easy. People are given a crossword clue and they need to find the solution of puzzle using that clue. One in the oil business NYT crossword is also published on NYT. 

    One in the oil business NYT crossword
    One in the oil business NYT crossword

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