Our tips to get started in female bodybuilding

Our tips to get started in female bodybuilding

A woman can, just like a man, be an athlete, muscular and even a bodybuilder. The important thing is to have the necessary advice for good bodybuilding practice.
Bodybuilding is an activity that suits both men and women. However, we must know how to practice it well, because each person has   very precise characteristics that must be  taken into account in each training.
For example, although it is often said that we are what we eat,  food is a great ally  for muscle development and an effective barrier against fatigue and demotivation. By combining the right nutrients  on our plate, we will make sure to strengthen our glutes and abs effectively.
But to complete these exercises, what should we eat? The vitamins present in  the  vegetables,  are a safe source, but also  proteins , they found in white meats or vegetables. As an indication, for a female athlete,  1.5 to 2 g of protein per kilo of body weight is recommended  to feed the muscle correctly.
We must also mention  the good fats , which will be the engine of our good form, and of which we must be aware, without forgetting them. Instead of eating cakes, refined sugars and other sweets, we will strive to consume  good carbohydrates and good lipids . And among them are:
Vegetable oils.
Fatty fish like salmon.
The banana.
The potato.
And many more!
Without forgetting to hydrate yourself , getting started in female bodybuilding will be easier and more enjoyable. Specific objectives should also be defined, which will correspond to the particular types of exercises. So, depending on whether you want to lose a belly, gain muscle, have a flat stomach or just be in shape, there are a variety of exercises.
And among the most popular female bodybuilding exercises,  depending on the parts of the body to be worked , we find:
Look for:

Zone a muscle / Exercise Back ABS: Our tips to get started in female bodybuilding

Shoulders Quadriceps Hamstrings
Dead weight Abdominal wheel Shoulder press Squats Dead weight
Dominated Press palloff Face pull Strides Leg curl
Dumbbells Leg raises Row to chin Front squat GHR
Pull over
Crunch Lateral raises Leg press
Vertical pull Toning Birds Leg extensions
These tips to get started in female bodybuilding will undoubtedly be  great allies  for our energy, our mind and our motivation. Go ahead!


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