Platforms where you can register as a teacher

Platforms where you can register as a teacher

Platforms where you can register as a teacher

If you have already decided that you want to be a self-employed teacher, there are many platforms on the Internet specialized in private classes in which teachers can register to get more students .
You have to choose the platform that suits you best and best suits your needs both in terms of remuneration and workload, but in general, in most cases, you can set your rates yourself and indicate your availability. Next, we will talk about some of them:

Your private classes: Platforms where you can register as a teacher

In they offer both face-to-face private classes and online classes . As a teacher, you decide the price of your classes and you can publish an ad indicating all the relevant data: what do you teach, the level of your students, your experience, your training, your rates, your availability, your location and if you teach classes in person or by webcam .
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Infoclass: Platforms where you can register as a teacher

To register as a teacher, you only have to register in Infoclases. The registration is free and very fast . We recommend that you fill in all the fields of your profile, including those of your personal description, experience and pedagogical method. Teachers are free to offer their classes at the prices they want and the classes must be paid to the teacher.

Classgap: Platforms where you can register as a teacher

At Classgap, you can register as a teacher to teach private lessons online . You can place your ad indicating the relevant data and, once again, set the prices for your classes yourself.


You will be able to enroll in the job offers for private classes that are published to enter the selection processes. Every time they publish an offer that matches your profile, they send you an email to your email with the information about it, including the price per hour.


As a teacher, you will not have to pay anything to register or for the student to contact you. It is the student who has to pay the management fees to be able to contact you. In addition, you can set the prices of your classes yourself and raise or lower it whenever you consider it necessary.
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