Postal 4 embraces the absurd in its new trailer: more action and open world to wreak havoc

    Postal 4 embraces the absurd in its new trailer: more action and open world to wreak havoc

    The Running With Scissors shooter will soon receive new content in its Early Access.

    The Postal saga has always been marked by controversy; because of the absurdity of his gaming situations and how violent he could be at times. Traits that Postal 4: No Regerts maintains on PC, a new episode of this first-person action series that is available in early access on Steam and GOG , and that in just a few days, prepares the launch of new content with “more Wacky missions, festive locations, ridiculous weapons and loads of upgrades “for the action.


    With humor as the flag, in one of these new missions we will have to find the protagonist’s dog and all his possessions, which have mysteriously disappeared. “Unarmed and friendless, Dude must defend himself against wacky villagers, rescue his dog Champ, grab his stolen junk and escape the Edensin woods” in a kind of adventure that, according to the Running With Scissors team , gives off an air of style and the stories of the great filmmaker David Lynch.


    Postcard 4: No Regerts

    The madness does not end here because already in the town of Edensin, we will have to help the head of an organized crime gang; manipulate an election, try a new virtual / augmented reality video game and even participate in a crazy scooter race on a closed circuit. News you can see in action in the new trailer for Postal 4.


    If you have already been playing the Running With Scissors video game, you will also notice that its open world has grown and includes more random events with which to liven up the trips between one and another mission. Among the new weapons are a hunting rifle and a metal whip with a scythe on the end. In any case the result is similar: a lot of blood and gore. As we told you, there are other game settings to make the experience more enjoyable.

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