Public transport in the main cities of Italy

Public transport in the main cities of Italy

Public transport in the main cities of Italy

As in Spain, in Italy the transport network offers train, bus and metro services. Obviously there are also airports and ports.
The train
The Italian “Renfe” is called Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS), although there are also some private lines. The railway network has several types of trains:
Pendolino: first-class intercity train service.
Eurostar: connects the main Italian cities with other European cities (Barcelona, ​​Hamburg, Vienna …).
Intercity: connects the main Italian cities with each other.
Expresso: long-distance trains with stops at almost all stations.
Diretto: long-distance trains with some intermediate stops along the way.
The main train operators in Italy are: Trenitalia and NTV-Italo.
The subway or tram

The Italian cities where there are metro lines are: Public transport in the main cities of Italy


The Italian cities where there is a tram or light rail line are:

The bus
In addition to large cities, in some medium-sized cities there is also a network of urban and interurban bus lines that will facilitate your travels through the Dante country.
The airports
It can be said that for the size of the country, Italy has quite a few airports. Some only operate on a national or regional level, so the safest thing is that, if you are going on Erasmus to a small city in Italy, you will first have to catch a flight to a big city and then connect with another national flight or perhaps take a train to your destination city. The main airports in Italy are:
Rome-Fiumicino, also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.
Bergamo-Orgio al Serio.
Venice-Marco Polo.
The ports
If you live in the Spanish Levante, it may be worth taking a boat and crossing part of the Mediterranean to reach Italy. There are ferries that go from Barcelona to Genoa or from Barcelona to Civitavecchia; in addition to some other seasonal routes to other parts of the country or to the islands.

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