Reason 3: Physics offers good job opportunities

Reason 3: Physics offers good job opportunities

Physics, being needed in many sectors related to science and technology, offers us the possibility of working and developing professionally in many different jobs.

The most frequent job exits for physics graduates are:

  • Industry: the vast majority of industrial sectors need physicists and experts in physics, such as in technology, electronics or chemistry.
  • Health: sciences such as medicine, biology and technology are developed hand in hand with physics. In this sector there is a significant presence of physicists.
  • Teaching: being a professor of Physics and Chemistry at the institute, being a teacher of private classes, having a contract as an adjunct professor in a science faculty or in an engineering school, getting a position as a full professor or even obtaining a chair in some branch of physics.
  • Research: either in the public sphere, commonly fulfilling a role as a teacher-researcher in universities, or in the private sphere as a researcher in a large company or laboratory.

Thanks to the versatility of physics experts, they can also find work in other sectors related to the environment, in consultancies, in engineering companies, in industry, in hospitals …

In which sector would you like to work as a physicist? Do you see yourself more in the public or private sphere? Would you like to combine teaching and research? Reason 3: Physics offers good job opportunities

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