Reason 5: Physics can be fun

Reason 5: Physics can be fun

Many childhood toys are developed based on scientific principles that we had no idea about when we played with them. However, there are always some children who, since childhood, began to ask questions about how that last toy that they have bought works. Here we give you some examples!

Galileo’s thermometer: Reason 5: Physics can be fun

Play with the variation of the density of a fluid with temperature. Density is mass per unit volume. The greater the mass, the lower the density, and therefore, the less force the fluid exerts on the bodies submerged in it, making it more difficult for them to float. And vice versa.

The colorful spring

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The colorful spring.

The material and the characteristics of that material, such as rigidity, will make it more or less easy to deform it.

The drinking bird

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The drinking bird.

It is a bird with a funny hat that is in constant motion, as if it lowered its beak to drink constantly. In the body of the bird there is a liquid. This liquid is so volatile that at the slightest variation in temperature that occurs in the bird’s head, the liquid evaporates or condenses; This alters the bird’s equilibrium position and causes it to swing back and forth. Reason 5: Physics can be fun

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