Receive private Latin classes

Receive private Latin classes

Not everyone should learn self-taught. Because even if we are dealing with a dead language, we are still dealing with a language.

It has its difficulty when it comes to pronouncing words, verbs to be conjugated in a language that was used in the 60s … Latin has been, until relatively recently, the official language of Catholic religious services.

Today there are still more than 800 Latinist associations in Spain.

Why don’t you learn Latin in an association? : Receive private Latin classes

If there is an advantage in progressing with true passionate about the language, it is practice. You will speak, develop the structures of typical sentences and respond in this Latin language. You can become a Latinist without the need for a dictionary.

As in any learning process, practice is the most effective method. Writing comes later.

You will be able to take advantage of a simpler and more pedagogical approach. Since there will be no teachers in these structures. Simply passionate, although sometimes you can find teachers who are steeped in this Latinist world.

When to go to these associations?

Leave as soon as you get a chance. It is a complement to your studies. Although do not forget that it is also important to consolidate a clear theoretical base. So organize yourself in such a way that you can combine theory with practice and when you least expect it, you will already be an expert in this classic language. Receive private Latin classes

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