Requirements to study in Italy

Some useful web pages for Italian procedures

Requirements to study in Italy

BlogLanguagesItalianWhat Are the Requirements to Study in Italy?: Requirements to study in Italy

Have an acceptable level of Italian to study in Italy
Complete the administrative procedures to study in Italy
Get financial aid to study in Italy
Some useful web pages for Italian procedures
Differences between going on Erasmus and going to study a career in Italy
Public transport in the main cities of Italy
Reductions for students in Italy
Italian cultural offer
Italian bank branches
Supermarkets in Italy
“In our lives, where everything is planned, determined, the only unexpected thing possible is an error in the administrative machine with its unpredictable consequences. The bureaucratic error becomes the only poetry (black poetry) of our time. – Milan Kundera
Studying abroad is a project that many international students have during their school years. The discovery, the exchanges, a new opening to the world, the positive experience of a university year in another country … the benefits are numerous . Among the favorite countries of Spanish students we find Italy.
According to a report by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of Spaniards registered in the consular registers in 2006 was about 20,000, a figure that has undoubtedly increased in recent years. Although this figure is almost twenty years ago, we note, nevertheless, that the craze for the Italian language and culture is very strong among foreign students.
However, like any project or experiment, international mobility requires a certain organization , within which you will have to foresee certain bureaucratic issues if you want to go to Italy to study . In fact, in this article, we will see some of these procedures

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