Salary and opportunities of a boxing coach

Salary and opportunities of a boxing coach

A boxing coach will do much more out of passion than desire to grow socially and financially!
If you are passionate about boxing, it is normal that you want to become a coach for future boxers and thus perpetuate this art. However, little is known about the conditions of this job: the salary, job opportunities and disadvantages are mysteries to most. Find out what the salary and opportunities of a boxing coach are !

The salary that a boxing coach can earn: Salary and opportunities of a boxing coach

The salary of a boxing coach depends on several criteria. The first refers to your students: if you train a champion, the salary will be exceptionally higher. A classic instructor in a boxing club can expect a salary of between € 1,400 and € 1,800 gross per month , which is pretty good.
A boxing instructor, on the other hand, can make a lot more money by practicing on his own and deciding his own fees. For example, if you choose to become  a private boxing teacher (at Superprof, for example), the price of each session can vary depending on you, and can be up to € 80 per session if you have a lot of experience!

Job development possibilities

A boxing coach has  little chance for career development . In reality, these depend on the quality of your students. The more prestigious your students are, the more you can expand your client portfolio and acquire a certain reputation. Therefore, it is better that you like your activity as a boxing coach than trying to develop yourself professionally.
On the other hand, the boxing coach can  evolve in the way he teaches . You can try to master pedagogy as best as possible through your experiences and thus gain wisdom like this:
“There are those who say they love boxing. They have no idea what it is. Boxing is a matter of respect, of earning yours and taking it away on the contrary »- Million Dollar Baby
However, being a boxing coach allows you to have a certain job stability and develop your spirit as a mentor, even a leader. It is a very beautiful job that we recommend to those who are interested!
Now you know everything you need to know about the profession of boxing coach and what you have to do to get it. If you are interested in boxing, you can check out our other articles on the subject. In addition, on the Superprof site, you can also take private boxing lessons with a certified trainer!

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