School support around the world!

The Omnipresence of Support Classes for Children's School Success in Asia

School support around the world!

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Overview of tutoring classes in the world
How is school support in Europe?
What is school support like in North America?
Latin America
Asia: The Omnipresence of Support Classes for Children’s School Success
How is school support in Africa?
Have you already received classes at home? Or have you already hired them for one of your children?
You are not the only one in this situation. Private classes in Spain reflect a booming economic market and growth continues.
Its market value is close to 2 billion euros , something gigantic.
School reinforcement , homework help, language learning or unusual disciplines: these different activities are grouped under the same number.
The causes of these statistics are multiple. Shortcomings in primary, secondary or higher education, desire to improve, get a good average in high school and a good grade in selectivity, competition in the labor market …
Whatever it is, we don’t need to focus only on our national situation.
As in many other subjects, reaching a vision of the whole and expanding the horizons of the mind are two actions that enrich man.
As a consequence, I propose a short trip through the different continents and regions to study the way in which school support is organized ! School support around the world!

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