School support: what are the functions of Zoom?

School support: what are the functions of Zoom?

School support: what are the functions of Zoom?

Audio and video communication are the  main features of Zoom , but the options it offers to its users do not end there. Depending on the subscription, you can have access to:
Text communication and file sending by chat.

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The multi-user whiteboard.
The recording of the session.
The transcription of the videoconferences.
Virtual funds.
Use from your browser.

Zoom offers video conferencing no matter where you are in the world.

Zoom offers, for example, the transcription of the sessions . Once the video conference or class is over, the application offers you to search for the video recording if this function has been activated, as well as a transcript of what has been said.
This feature can be especially useful for both the student and the teacher. The teacher can use this transcript to create a new class or improve its structure, while the student can use this transcript to classify their lessons and review the points that seem complex.
The  virtual funds  are wallpapers that can appear behind you and replace the real background. Thus, you can create a suitable environment or hide the disorder that is at home.
You can also add Zoom extensions  to your browser for easier access to meetings. Just click on the icon to join the class.
To know all the possible characteristics, do not hesitate to consult them when choosing your subscription.

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