Full name: Shadab khan

Nick name: Shadab

Date of birth: 4 October, 1998

Current age: 20 years, 3 months and 27 days

Professional: cricket

Religion: Islam

Playing Role: bowler

Batting style: right hand batsman

Bowling style: leg break

Nationality: Pakistani

Father name: unknown

Mother name: unknown

Weight of his body: 55 kg

Height in feet and inches: 5 ft. and 10 inches

Height in m: 1.78 m

Height in cm: 178 cm.

Eyes color: black.

Hairs colors: black.

Major team: Pakistan, under 19 teams, Islamabad united and Pakistan.

Favourite place: Muree, swat, Mianwali and England and many other places.

Favourite color:

Favourite games:

Favourite food:




The shadab khan is born at 4 October in 1998. The birth place of shadabis is mianwali in Pakistan. The nationality is Pakistani. The religion is Islam. The shadab khan is Muslim. The shadab khan is a belong to Pashto family. The shadab khan is a best player of Pakistan team. The age of shadab khan is 20 years old. The full name is shadab khan and his nick name is shadab.  The language of shadab khan is English, Urdu, and Pashto. The mother is a house wife and his father is walid private job. The zodiac sign of shadab khan is Libra.  The home town is mianwali Pakistan. The shadab khan is unmarried and shadab khan has no girlfriends. Shadab khan hails from mianwali, and gain some knowledge that the city of Punjab located in northwest. He is a faster bowler in the world and he work for it initially during his tape cricket day. One day he was going to the party of his friends and his friends offer him to play for his club.


Shadab khan is an international batsman of the Pakistan cricket team. He gain a knowledge for the cricket team of Pakistan from the mianwali. He was born and raised in mianwali then he was shift Rawalpindi with his family. He completes his early education from the school of mianwali. Then he completes his secondary education from the school of Rawalpindi after the shifting with his family. After the complete of his study he enters the cricket team of Pakistan. His international career is so amazing he contract with many other teams such as West Indies, South Africa and New Zealand. He contract with West Indies on 30 April in 2017 and he play last match with the South Africa on 11 January in 2017. In this test match series his performance is so amazing. In any match he taken a wickets and win the match. On first test match series his performance is not good and not a bad because he is a first match when he is playing in his life. His batting style is so interesting than the other team members of the Pakistan teams. He contract with West Indies on 26 march 2017 in T20I debut (cap 73). He plays last T20I with New Zealand on 4 November 2018. His domestic career is so amazing, he playing with many teams on his domestic career. His majors teams as Rawalpindi rams, electric, Islamabad United, Trinbago knight and Brisbane heat. He playing with the teams of Rawalpindi rams in 2015 and he was playing k electric from 2016 to 2019. He also playing with Islamabad united on 2017 to 2019. His performance in this match is so amazing because he taken a wicket and caught the balls. Finally he wins the match in this match his family also comes to see the match and appreciate shadab khan to win the match. After win his family was very happy for the progress of him. He playing match with Trinbago knight riders on 2017 and Brisbane heat on 2017 to present.



The height of shadab khan is 5 feet and 10 inches. The chest size is 39 and his waist size is 32 inches. The nick size is moderate. The leg size is not a much longer or not a smaller. The leg size is moderate and due to our leg they run very fast during the match. The running speed is very high.


The body weight is better than other players. The body weight of shadab khan is 55 kilogram. His body weight is change day by day when he feels his body weight increased so he take fast food and daily go to exercise for 1 and half hours. In this way your body weight loss in few days. The weight is change during life time. The weight is not present in constant form. The weight is easily gain and loss. The increases weight is not a big issue for cricketers because the players act performance before match starting. The cricketer make our body fit. For body weight loss some techniques are used like as gym, exercise, eat diet foods and for body loss the shadab khan is drink green tea. The green tea is better for body weight loss. When he is tired after the playing match he takes a cup of green tea because you are active and play any activity with full sprit. It also regulates the blood in the veins and loss body weight. One of the other thing you maintain your body weight you eat a green salad.

Following benefits of the green salad.

  • It is a natural source of fiber because provide energy of your body and provide essential nutrients to your body.
  • It is also protecting your heart therefore they regulate the blood circulation throughout your body in this way your heart problem is loss.
  • It also build your bone strong



The color of face is fair because he belong to a Pathan family. The hair color is black. The black color of his hair is naturally. The eye color is dark brown. The eye color is naturally of shadab khan. He was not using any different colors of lens. Lip color is pink and he was used on lips only lip gloss during the match because during running the lips become dry therefore the lip gloss give protection from dryness.


The hobbies of shadab khan is following as

  • Listening music.
  • Reading daily newspaper.
  • Watching TV shows.
  • Playing video games.
  • Watching football match.


The Favourite foods of shadab khan are following as

  • Mutton karahi.
  • Green vegetables.


The Favourite batsman of shadab khan is Inzimam Ul Haq. The Inzimam Ul Haq is a player of Pakistani player. The batting style is most famous. Therefore the shadab khan is like Inzimam Ul Haq due to his batting style.


The Favourite bowler is Abdul Qadir and Shane Warne. These both are best bowler of Pakistan team. The bowling style is much differs than other bowlers. Therefore the shadab khan is like the Abdul Qadir and Shane Warne due to his behavior and bowling styles.


The Favourite drink is following as

  • Mango juice.
  • Strawberry juice.
  • Pineapple juice.

The shadab khan is like only soft drinks and he was not like hard drinks. Because the hard drinks is most harmful for health. The hard drinks are effect on internal organs of body. Then the internal organs cannot proper work. Therefore the Shadab khan like soft drinks. The soft drink is not harmful for health. The some soft drinks are better for body nourishment.


The favourite car is Honda civic. On car the name of shadab khan has been present in the form of written. The car color of shadab khan is white. They have no need of driver for car driving. He might have several cars in our life but he mostly liked Honda civil car model because this is a gift.


The favourite place of shadab khan in Pakistan is following as

  • Islamabad
  • Quetta

And out of Pakistan his favourite place is South Africa, Australia and Sri Lanka. The shadab khan was going for playing match for different place. Sometime the shadab khan goes for enjoyment with family. The shadab khan becomes happier with our family.


The favourite day of shadab khan is Friday. The Friday most specially and important day for Muslims. In this day the Muslims are come together in Mosque for namaz e jumma. In Mosque the all Muslims become equal. Therefore the Friday is favourite day for shadab khan.


The social media profile of shadab khan is following as


The shadab khan is does not smoke. And no take drugs. The shadab khan not drinks alcohol. The alcohol, drugs and smoke is most harmful for healthy body. These things make the person weak and body cannot proper work. The cricketer is not taking these type things. That things is cause many diseases like cancer, lungs problem, and kidney problems.


The salary is 3 lac. The shadab khan is not waste our salary in other activities. The Shadab khan uses some amount of our salary in the way of Allah.




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