Some things your biology teacher will teach you and some that won’t

Some things your biology teacher will teach you and some that won't

Some things your biology teacher will teach you and some that won’t

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Biology,  a natural science and object of study, is really surprising, since it is  the science of life  and therefore it explores all the ideas and concepts related to the human being.
Many people, both young and old, are fascinated by the human race, including the way we all came to live on planet Earth. Biology is not only concerned with  the evolution of humans, it also sheds light on how we  interact with other organisms.
Being a living organism that has the  ability to think, analyze and retain knowledge  means that we have a  natural and intuitive curiosity about life  and what happens under our skin, as well as about everything that surrounds us.
Not only are we interested in  understanding the human body and how it works,  but to some extent, we also feel the need to  know how to take care of our body  and  detect signs that something might not be right.  In addition, we are born with the  need to nourish ourselves,  so we also want to identify ways in which we can take care of our environment.
Biology is present every second of our day, but what makes it even more interesting is that, depending on the perspective you adopt, you can  learn about concepts of different kinds, since this science covers a large number of topics. For example, one day you may learn  how your body fights an infection,  and the next day, the next lesson may be about  how nutrients in soil-grown foods can strengthen your immune system.  Like “the cycle of life,” everything seems to be connected to biology.
As a student of this subject, you will surely be surprised by  the variety of Biology topics  and  fields that are seen from one lesson to another.
While biology is largely about learning about yourself (i.e. how to stay healthy, how your body works, how to fight disease, etc.), it is also about the universe and our place within it.
By learning about living organisms and their  relationship and dependence on other organisms  in class or with a biology tutor, we can discover how to take better care of ourselves and learn to respect the environment.

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