For days the new privacy policy and conditions of use of WhatsApp has come into force , and although more than 80% of Spaniards think they have accepted them , there are detractors who have decided to switch to other more secure applications such as Telegram or Signal.

Signal has always been praised for its greater security and confidentiality in its messages, and that is why important entities such as the European Union already had on their agenda to dispense with WhatsApp to switch to Signal.

As the EFE agency points out, both the European Commission and the Council of the European Union have asked their employees to stop using WhatsApp .

However, the Council of the European Union has clarified that they are going to start using Signal to interact with the media . ” The Council of the EU will change the instant messaging platform it uses to share information with journalists: we will move chat groups from WhatsApp to Signal, ” they inform the media.

In any case, it must be clarified that sensitive internal communications between senior officials of the European Union are not made through any of the messaging applications as we know them.

The European Commission has its own tools and secure networks and computers for all diplomatic contacts, such as the so-called Rescom, which allows the use of communication platforms through a protected infrastructure.

WhatsApp iPhone
Functions that WhatsApp should copy from Telegram, Signal and other messaging apps

WhatsApp has many functions, but it lacks some interesting options that we find in other messaging apps. These are some that you could copy.

To this must be added that there are also their own encryption systems such as Zeus , a kind of external terminal with a dedicated program that enables the sending of email through a platform that the recipient can only read if it also has a dedicated Zeus terminal.

In any case, the latest changes in the privacy policy and conditions of use of WhatsApp have accelerated a change that had already been planned for years , since the European Commission had already set itself in 2020 the goal of replacing WhatsApp with Signal, at least in some diplomatic delegations. That even the European Union leaves WhatsApp to switch to Signal, gives food for thought