The 10 most beautiful monuments in the Arab world

The 10 most beautiful monuments in the Arab world

We never tire of repeating that Arabic culture, beyond its lexicon, its alphabet or its grammar, is a whole way of living the history of the world.
The most beautiful monuments in the Arab world give meaning to the entire history of the Maghreb and Middle Eastern countries through their iconic architecture.
An example is found in the Institute of Arab Culture in Paris, which is among the most beautiful buildings in the Arab world despite being in France. It is a way of transferring Islamic art and opening a window to the West without having to travel to Beirut or Mecca. In this art museum we find vestiges of an ancient culture.
Although the Muslim religion has been the cradle of many of the current constructions, both the Westerners and the Orientals and the Maghrebis have managed to build a very marked identity ; an identity that is accompanied, in most cases, by a high flow of tourism.

What are you waiting for to discover places as impressive as this mosque?: The 10 most beautiful monuments in the Arab world

The pyramids of Egypt and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo are some of the most attractive places for their cultural qualities. Among other enclaves we could also speak of Petra (Jordan), Ispahan (Iran) or Tyr (Lebanon) which, with a more natural spirit, stand as authentic jewels of Arab culture.
The United Arab Emirates is not the only one that offers us great monuments. Like its Egyptian and Lebanese neighbors, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a diamond of history; the largest in the Emirates.
And how are we going to talk about great mosques without mentioning the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, in Turkey? The Islamic art is presented here in an amazing way, combined with the charm of the Muslim religion. Language and culture merge before our eyes.
Let’s go back to nature, landscapes and fresh air to talk about the Alhambra in Granada. This characteristic treasure of Andalusia is part of the Unesco World Heritage , there is nothing!
Its red walls, which give it its name (” The red one” in Arabic), together with its location in a privileged enclave (in the city of Granada) make the Alhambra one of the Arab-western references par excellence in Spain.
Finally, without having to go much further, we make a brief stop in Morocco, a country that welcomes us in a very close way. The Medina of Marrakech is an essential symbolic place of the Arab countries.
With its colors, smells and flavors, it gives North Africa a great attraction and gives the Maghreb city a tourist charm that mixes tradition and modernity. A journey that we all must do at least once in our lives!
In addition to the historical and tourist buildings, visiting these cities and countries is a way to create a solid foundation for learning the Arabic language or its literature.

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