The advantages of school support by webcam

The advantages of school support by webcam

The advantages of school support by webcam

Savings for parents and private teacher: The advantages of school support by webcam

The support classes  online are not only be fun, but also economic! Teaching classes online offers several advantages . They are cheaper than private classes at home , since teachers save money on public transport or gasoline by not having to travel to the student’s home.
In addition, there is the possibility of organizing group videoconferences , which are generally cheaper than traditional home classes for parents, but better paid for teachers (for example, you can charge € 25 / hour for a class of three students instead € 18 / hour for just one).
So if your student has classmates who also want to take classes, you will charge more as you increase your portfolio of students. Everybody wins!
More students

Distance classes are particularly interesting for certain types of teachers: The advantages of school support by webcam

Qualified teachers . If you have higher education, it will be very easy for you to find students throughout Spain. Professional training, university studies, modules … Regardless of your training, your degrees are sure to attract the attention of parents and students.
Specialized teachers . Not everyone is a math teacher! If you are specialized in a somewhat singular subject (competitive examinations, Spanish as a foreign language…), it is better that you offer yourself to students from all over Spain. Also, the rarer what you teach, the more you can charge.
Native teachers. If you want to teach languages ​​and you are a foreigner, you will be very successful as a teacher! In fact, parents often choose teachers from the country whose language they teach rather than Spanish. But of course, it is not easy to find a Russian teacher in the middle of the field, so online classes are ideal. You will have no problem finding interested students.
Teachers of Japanese origin are especially popular with students.
If you limit yourself to students in your area, you may not get paid what you deserve or you may not find any students! On the contrary, if you teach online classes , you will be able to reach many more parents and attract the attention of new students more easily.

Simpler organization

Giving a private lesson has never been easier! To ensure the progress of your students and solve their doubts, webcam classes are the perfect solution .
First of all, you have the opportunity to teach anywhere : at the university if you are a student, in a cafeteria, at home, abroad … Goodbye to geographical restrictions! Even during school holidays, the student can review with you on the beach simply with their computer and you earn extra money.

Together, you can prepare all the important exams :

ESO exams,
Final exams of the Baccalaureate of Sciences, Letters and Social Sciences,
Proof of access to higher schools,
University partials …
On the other hand, you can take advantage of the time you save in transportation to provide a good school monitoring for your student.
In addition, online classes also allow you to establish a direct relationship with the student ; Instead of chattering with parents, you can focus directly on what is important: the student.
And you won’t have to spend money on school supplies . You can send all your files digitally in a few clicks, and he to you. If you want to prepare for the selectivity, private classes are a good alternative to the selectivity academy .
Finally, you will find that it will be easier for both parties to find available slots ; By saving time on transportation, you will have many more hours of classes and increase your income!
What are you waiting for to take advantage of new technologies and this new way of teaching?
If you live in Madrid and want to find a good alternative to the Madrid High School Academy , don’t hesitate to use our platform.

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