The best plans for your trip to Morocco

The best plans for your trip to Morocco

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When is it better to travel to Morocco to organize an ideal visit?
What budget do you need to visit Morocco?
How is the accommodation in Morocco?
Top 10 facts you should know to visit Morocco
«On the first trip we discover, on the second we get rich». – Tuareg proverb
Morocco is one of the richest countries in Africa and, specifically, in North Africa. From its Atlantic coast to the desert, Morocco is famous for its souks, its mint tea and its many other stereotypes: from the hammam to the medina. Suffice it to say that there is a lot to learn from this country, in every way, culinary included! For example, did you know that Morocco is one of the main producing and exporting countries of saffron, with more than 2 tons exported per year ? A delight for all the dishes in which we add it, but what is its origin.
If you want to go hiking in the Great South of Morocco, organize a camel excursion through the Berber desert or visit the most beautiful mosques in the country … in this article we leave you all our tips to visit Morocco in complete peace of mind.

When is it better to travel to Morocco to organize an ideal visit?: The best plans for your trip to Morocco

Depending on the Moroccan destination you are traveling to, the dates will not always be the same.
If what you are looking for with your tourist trip to Morocco is to be calm while practicing some sport, the best thing is to travel to the cities where windsurfing and palm trees are the kings, especially in the north of Morocco, where the seasons are milder: Casablanca, Fez or Rabat , first choice destinations. Here are some of the activities you can do in these destinations:
Walks through the local medina.
Excursion to the surroundings, which includes the desert, the city of Meknes or Chauen .
Camel trek with Berbers.
In the south of Morocco, the spas are the key and will allow you to enjoy an ideal climate for the summer. For example, Agadir is one of the most popular destinations in Morocco, with 300 days of sunshine a year and hardly any rain, which means that you can go there all year round without any problem. The same goes for Essaouira , where you can:
Surfing from July to September.
Enjoy the beaches and relax.
Prepare a road trip through the Great South of Morocco.
Then we distinguish seven large spaces in Morocco :
The plains of the North Atlantic: Tangier or Tetouan.
The plains from Doukkala to Souss: Agadir.
The inland plateaus: Marrakech.
The Mediterranean coast and the Rif: Oujda.
The Middle and High Atlas: Ifrane.
The Anti Atlas and the valleys near the Sahara: Ouarzazate.
The Saharan domain: Dakhla.
Morocco experiences various types of climatic influences, which explains the differences in climate : oceanic, Mediterranean, mountainous, continental and desert.
Let’s see now what budget you will have to prepare to discover the country of palm trees.

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