The best school support companies on the Internet

The best school support companies on the Internet

The best school support companies on the Internet

After the appearance of the Internet in Spanish homes from the year 2000, companies in the school support sector have had to propose a school offer adapted to the new times. In addition, many new companies specializing in online school support have also emerged .
List of online school support companies

Among the organizations that propose tutoring classes , we can mention: The best school support companies on the Internet

Online Academy
Your Private Classes
Classroom 365
With them, you can have school support at any time and without leaving home with videoconferences, classes recorded on video and multimedia content . You can test yourself with practical exercises and evaluations. All subjects are included, from Mathematics to Language through History or Physics and Chemistry.

In addition, we can cite other free web pages : The best school support companies on the Internet

Primary World
The Home Teacher
The first offers free didactic resources perfect to complement the education of primary and nursery students , while in the second you will find exercises and solved exams for secondary students appropriate to each topic and course so that the student can learn based on repeat exercises related to the same theme.
These sites have understood the importance of computer tools in learning and emphasize the independence of the student to be successful in their studies.
Finally, along with all those sites that offer online school support (in the form of videos, lessons and exercises), other companies have emerged with an innovative concept such as SuperProf, which has developed the concept of putting students in contact with teachers, offering refresher classes at home or by webcam .

Is paid or free school support better?

The freedom to learn without having to pay or choose a paid school support: which solution is more effective?
Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages.
In general, free school support is designed for students who already have a good working method . It can be useful to consolidate the contents of a subject before an exam, to review a specific concept or to practice.
On the contrary, if the student has serious difficulties, it is preferable to opt for paid school support, which aims to provide personalized classes focusing on their work method and motivation.
Although paid tutoring requires a budget, uncontrolled and mismanaged free online tutoring can discourage students and lose confidence in their ability to learn.

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