The essential material for American boxing


The essential material for American boxing

“Sport is a complete escape from life” – François Hertel: The essential material for American boxing

American boxing, also known as full contact or kickboxing , is a type of boxing in which both the hands and the feet are used with blows above the waist . It is a mix of English boxing and French boxing.
Kickboxing: a violent sport? Not if we protect ourselves!
As in boxing and martial arts, the blows can reach the bust and the head, so kickboxing requires a good material to avoid injury. Gloves, boxing helmet, mouth guard, cup, shin guards and boxing boots should be on your shopping list to fill your gym bag.
Although there is not necessarily physical contact between the practitioners during training,  the protective equipment avoids possible accidents such as contusions, bruises or fractures, since the blows can be violent depending on the opponent you face.
The gloves (from brands like Venum, Montana, Fairtex, Twins, Adidas) increase the power of the blows while extending the impact on the surface of the skin: the thicker the padding, more diffuse the impact. The prices of full contact gloves range from € 28 to € 119.
To know what size to choose, in addition to your weight, you must take into account how you want to work: choose heavy gloves (10 or 12 ounces) to  spar partner  and lighter gloves to toughen the hands if it is a fight or a training with a pear, punching bag or punching ball .
As kicks are allowed, it is also necessary to protect the genitals, one of the most sensitive areas of the human body, using an anatomical cup (price: from € 10 to more than € 70).
Keep in mind that, while boxing requires the use of boxing shorts, in full contact you should wear pants, which are usually cheap (€ 20-30) and their flexible fabric (polyester) allows wide and wide movements.
To obtain a complete American boxing equipment , you will need at least € 200 for basic equipment and € 350-400 for higher quality equipment. It is a somewhat high bill, but if you buy quality equipment, the material will last you a few years.

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