The PRS SE Mira, an electric guitar to learn rock

The PRS SE Mira, an electric guitar to learn rock

The PRS SE Mira, an electric guitar to learn rock

With its soft sky blue color, it will look like you are playing a toy-like instrument.
PRS guitars are not made to play!
Big mistake!
The guitar body and slim neck are made of mahogany; the fingerboard, rosewood as soft as a baby’s skin.
Its clean and unique style make it a magnificent guitar that cannot go unnoticed. It will be difficult for you to look away from her.
As for the electronics, we once again emphasize the made in PRS with the classic 85 / 15S pickups and two controls for volume and a push / pull.
The rosewood fingerboard adds a lot of warmth to the entire sound and allows you to hear highly accessible highs with great clarity.
Its adjustable butt tail bridge will allow you easy and precise tuning .
Look, under her little doll look, she lends herself to playing many musical styles, even rock from the fifties suits her perfectly.
For € 600, you will have in your hands a «toy» with which to learn with an unbeatable value for money.

To summarize, we leave you the non-exhaustive list of the best guitars of the PRS brand: The PRS SE Mira, an electric guitar to learn rock

The PRS SE Custom 22PRS CE 24
The PRS SE Custom 24
The PRS Core SANTANA Retro
The PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo PB
The PRS SE Looks
PRS presents a much wider range of guitars than the one we have previously presented.
Although the American brand also offers more affordable guitars for beginners or guitarists on a budget, it is in the niche of high-end professional guitars.
Of course, first take some guitar lessons to play like a professional musician and then treat yourself to having the PRS of your dreams to reward your efforts.
Below, you will find the best models of the brand to help you in your future purchase of a guitar:

Model Price Your biggest plus

PRS SE Custom 22 From € 859 Suitable for beginners. Versatile and handy.
PRS CE 24 € 2,399 Exceptional. Ideal for blues.
PRS SE Custom 24 € 900 Polyvalent. High quality electronics.
PRS Core SANTANA Rétro On demand Limited edition. Timeless Instruments for professionals.
PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo PB From € 1,225 Magnificent. High quality mechanics.
PRS SE Look € 600 Perfect for learning rock. Retro look.

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