The wine sector has a great weight in our country. That is why the professionals who dominate the wine, from the cultivation of the vine to the service to the end customer, are of great importance. We present you the professions of oenology and sommelier (sommelier) that sometimes get confused but with different roles.

If you are reading this, it is very likely that you are interested in the world of wine and the professionals who give life to this delicious «broth». At Maestralia, today we want to talk to you about two important professions in the wine sector: the oenologist and the sommelier . Both experts play an important role in the success of a wine, but we must differentiate between the functions they perform and where their role is most relevant.

What is and what does a winemaker do?: The world of wine: Differences between a winemaker and a sommelier

The oenologist is the technician in charge of managing and directing the entire wine-making process . These professionals are usually the ones who direct the cultivation, from sowing to pruning or working in a winery.

The expertise of a winemaker must be very precise and his decisions very correct, since the plant that produces the grapes in the vineyards, the vine, has an annual cycle. As it is only harvested once a year, failures are not allowed. Well, the success of the harvest depends largely on the art of the winemaker, it is this that determines his personality and guarantees that it ends up being a quality wine.

To master the best winemaking techniques, a winemaker must have knowledge of agriculture, physics and organic chemistry, mathematics, economics and marketing, legal aspects, and other knowledge that allows them to make the best decisions to obtain optimum quality and certain characteristics. in the wine.

What to study to be a winemaker?: The world of wine: Differences between a winemaker and a sommelier

To become a true oenologist, the best way is to take course in oenology . Training is the most efficient way to master this beautiful profession and to be able to give grape stocks a specific personality, with an established quality and lead a winery to success.

Technical Oenology Expert


Technical Oenology Expert: The world of wine: Differences between a winemaker and a sommelier

What is and what does a sommelier do?

The sommelier or sommelier is the professional who knows the characteristics of the wines, is capable of carrying out a professional wine tasting and pairing each wine with the gastronomic accompaniment that suits them best. Therefore, one of its main tasks is to advise customers what wine to drink.

The sommelier’s profile can be found both in a hospitality business and in a specialty wine store or winery. They normally work with the public, although they also manage various aspects within a winery.

In addition to work in front of the client, a sommelier performs other very important functions such as preparing the wine list, buying wines, managing and maintaining the winery.

A sommelier must be up-to-date with all the news in wine, so continuous training is a must for this profession.

What do I have to study to be a sommelier?

The sommelier profession has an important part of vocation . The world of wine is exciting but to become a true wine expert it will be a point in your favor if you already like the wine sector. As important or more than the vocation is training . To work as a sommelier, the first thing you must do is train.

There are multiple ways you can train and one of them is the online sommelier and wine tasting courses . With a quality training you will be able to acquire all the knowledge about the persistence and body of the wine, the different phases of a tasting, the pairing and the characteristics for choosing a wine. Sommelier courses will allow you to train and become an expert in wine tasting and sommelier.





Summary: Difference between winemaker and sommelier

In short, the oenologist is the professional in charge of making and creating the wine, from the vine to the obtaining of the broth, and the sommelier is in charge of making the product known, serving it, taking care of it, from the acquisition of the same to the uncorking. Of the bottle. The world of wine: Differences between a winemaker and a sommelier