In recent months the fever for oil-free fryers has not stopped increasing, and they are appliances that offer a very attractive perspective, such as eating much healthier but consuming fewer calories, and that full “bikini operation” pre-summer is very seductive.

Unfortunately, so many have been sold lately that there are few really cheap models of oil-free fryers left on sale , but it is possible to find some. For example, this one from Cecotec that costs only 79 euros in its official store, a real bargain.

Cecofry Deluxe Rapid Moon

Cecofry Deluxe Rapid Moon: This 2.5L capacity oil-free fryer is reduced to € 79 and is perfect to make the bikini operation more bearable and not have to give up certain things

This 2.5L capacity oil-free fryer has an affordable price and 1400W of power, enough to prepare portions of potatoes, meat and other foods in a few minutes, and in a healthy way.

Buy it at the best price

Amazon has it at the same price, 79 euros , although the official website of Cecotec also offers free shipping to any part of Spain.

This Spanish brand is well known for its vast catalog of devices for the home, not only for the kitchen, but also vacuum cleaners, fans and even fixed or portable air conditioners.

It sells some of the best oil-free fryers in terms of value for money, although the cheapest models in absolute terms have been out of stock for months due to high demand.

200W of power and 2.5L of capacity: This 2.5L capacity oil-free fryer is reduced to € 79 and is perfect to make the bikini operation more bearable and not have to give up certain things

Cecotec Cecofry Deluxe Rapid Moon


This fryer has the capacity to prepare approximately 2-3 servings , both of potatoes and other foods that will be cooked in the same way as in an oven, that is, with a hot air circuit.

You can add a tablespoon of oil if you prefer, although it is not essential and in fact it is not recommended if you want to squeeze its dietary side to eat healthier.

It has 1400W of power, enough to bring the internal temperature up to 200º, although you can also adjust it to cook more slowly and make the food juicier.

Guide to buying an oil-free fryer: tips, models and their differences

All the information you need before buying an oil-free fryer so as not to make a mistake in your choice, we have also selected the best models.

Something very interesting is that its rack and basket are removable and compatible with the dishwasher, and that is not usually offered by the most affordable models, which usually move very little below 50 euros in price.

The control screen is completely digital, and that means that mechanical breakdowns do not exist, one of the reasons that make kitchen robots and other similar appliances end up being useless.

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