Summer is just around the corner and many people are already preparing for vacations, although since last year there is a novelty: the definitive impulse of teleworking makes the periods spent in second homes increasingly prolonged, even without stopping working , something that leads to another problem: the quality of the Internet in them.

One option is to hire an additional line for said residence, although it may not be a very good idea because they usually have permanence. The other option is to make use of the data on your mobile line, something that can cause problems and will simply deteriorate your phone’s battery decisively.

There is a third way to enjoy the Internet at the beach house, in the field, in a campsite or anywhere else: a 4G router , also taking advantage of the fact that brands like Huawei have thrown their prices, with models like the Huawei Mobile WiFi E5576 that you can buy right now for less than 50 euros .

It is a very competitive price that will help you have a much more stable domestic connection, although yes, you will need a SIM card with data to activate it , of course. You can request it from your telephone company, since many offer this option for free or with a small additional cost on your bill.

There are many 4G routers to buy, no doubt, although this one offers Category 4 LTE connection, quite fast and stable, so you can surely enjoy the Internet as if you were in your usual residence.

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In addition to connecting to the Internet via mobile, it is totally portable. With its 1,500 mAh battery it can provide hundreds of hours of autonomy , although the duration depends largely on how many devices you have connected and the use they are making of the network.

The speed reaches, at least on paper, about 150 MB per second, so it is enough even to enjoy acceptable content in 4K on a Smart TV.

As it exceeds 29 euros in price, you do not have to pay shipping costs to any part of mainland Spain, even if you are not an Amazon Prime user.

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