Over the years it is inevitable that computers will deteriorate their performance, something that is mainly due to the fact that programs and apps increasingly require more speed and power. They make progress and need more resources, something logical but still frustrating because it means changing computers every so often.

However, if your PC uses a hard drive, there is a shortcut that will allow you to make it work faster without having to buy a new one : get an SSD, a solid state drive , something much cheaper. There are many models for sale, although in relation to value for money, it is worth highlighting the Asenno model with 500GB of capacity that Amazon sells for only 40 euros .

It’s a surprisingly cheap SSD, on sale, and with great reviews at this store . There are more than 2,600 evaluations, something that gives certain guarantees in terms of operation at the moment of truth, with the promise of exceeding 400 MB per second of read and write speed.

Asenno SSD
Asenno 500GB SSD

500GB SSD drive with SATA III interface compatible with any PC, laptop, game console or for use with a USB 3.0 enclosure to store files, videos, movies, series, games or games.

The connection is via SATA III interface, so it is compatible with the vast majority of computers of all kinds, as well as consoles.

Shipping is completely free , as is usually the case with orders to Amazon Spain that exceed 29 euros, especially if these are managed directly by the store, as in this case.

Easy to install and immediate performance: This SSD is cheaper than a new computer and will give your old laptop years of life

If you’ve never used an SSD before, you should know that its secret is easily explained: by having a higher reading and writing speed, it makes the PC run much faster and more fluidly all its processes , from apps and programs to everything. kind up to opening quite heavy files.

Everything improves, hence, practically all new computers come with at least one solid state drive, being the 2.5 “size and SATA connection the cheapest of all.

Chuwi CoreBook Pro
These are the best cheap Windows 10 laptops

A laptop offers versatility and in many cases a lot of power. These are some low cost models with Windows 10 that will solve a good part of your problems.

It is easy to install, since you only have to remove the hard drive and insert the SSD in its same bay, something that is done in a matter of minutes.

Of course, once you do this you will have to install Windows 10 from scratch . It is not complicated but it is highly recommended that you make a backup of your most important files beforehand.

Although it is true that there are many cheap laptop models for sale, the shortage of processors and semiconductors of all kinds causes prices to rise constantly. Perhaps you prefer to simply upgrade your PC to buy a new one, a wise decision.

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