Tips for learning to speak Latin

Tips for learning to speak Latin

It is true that Latin is a dead language, but not in all fields and for much less than we think.

Latin was still used in European medical universities until the 20th century, just the last century. Most European languages ​​are derived from Latin, and even those that are not derived from it contain certain words that come from this language.

But Latin (vulgar or classical Latin) was no longer used in everyday life. Historically, it will correspond to the period between the 7th and 10th centuries: the Roman Empire falls and other influences incite the formation of other dialects, so the Romance languages ​​will replace Latin .

Fortunately, Latin has managed to survive thanks to many European countries that did not want to abandon the language. It continued to be considered a language of scholars.

However, today Latin can be made alive again by  learning it as a living language.

Do you want to become an orator like in the times of Livy, Seneca, Homer or Scipio? There are several schools dedicated to Latin that make it possible. The initiatives are mostly foreign, but what matters is that today you can speak Latin with people from all over the world:

  • The Schola Latína Európæa & Úniversális:  courses to obtain a good level of Latin and to be able to speak Latin on any occasion. It is free and online, through their website. Keep in mind that you have to know how to speak English;
  • The Latinati Vivae Provehendae Associato eV:  ideal to know when and where the next Latin seminars will be held, both near where you live and on the other side of the world;
  • Nuntii Latini : to listen to news in Latin and perfect your Latin accent;
  • The Societas Circulorum Latinum:  to converse in Latin with other enthusiasts. In Spain you will find several locations, such as Madrid, Las Palmas …
  • The Melissa Foundation:  located in Brussels, it is ideal for taking Latin classes inspired by the Orberg method and learning to speak Latin in a short time.

If the teaching of dead languages ​​were similar to that of modern languages, students would be a little more motivated and Latin could no longer be a disappeared language. Tips for learning to speak Latin

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