Top 10 reasons to study in Germany

Top 10 reasons to study in Germany

Maybe not everything is German gastronomy or beer, but they add points, right?: Top 10 reasons to study in Germany

Your relatives may ask you why you are going to Germany . You will have your reasons and you will be able to answer something like: to take language classes, to embark on doctoral studies, or to live your first professional experience.
The truth is that Germany is practically next door:
2h30 from Madrid or Valencia, even less from Barcelona.
Between 15-30 hours by bus depending on your city of origin.
Between 15-25 hours by train.
Learning the German language is a great challenge, also because it is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in Europe, with 145 million native speakers . In terms of the total number of speakers, German ranked second with 27% of speakers, compared to 41% for English (but 28% corresponds to a use as a second language). Now you have many facilities to learn German online .
Germany is a country rich in history, culture and art . It is a perfect country for events such as music festivals or themed film festivals.
Germany also offers an affordable standard of living. According to the comments on the “” website, most expenses in Germany are 10-15% lower than in Spain , which can be essential for a student budget!
In addition, it is an attractive country where there is little unemployment: the Goethe Institute pointed out in 2018 that the unemployment rate among young Germans was only 6.5%, compared to 20% in Spain . Germany is doing quite well, with sectors as competitive as the automobile or the pharmacy. Not to mention the fact that Germany has a good reputation, as do its universities.

Why don’t you try a German course in Madrid ?

During a trip to Germany, it is impossible to miss the local traditions, starting with … the beer tasting! Yes, everyone knows: Germany is the country of beer, a country that never ceases to delight future international students. Whether in Hannover or Berlin, beer is an integral part of German culture. As well as the Bavarian cuisine, with the Spanferkel or the bretzels.
So, are you convinced to go with an international mobility program to Germany?

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