Trumpists create anti-government group

Trumpists create anti-government group

Trumpists create anti-government group

The group states on its website that it will fight against the liberal policies of President Joe Biden by challenging them in court

Trump supporters still struggle to maintain a legacy / Photo: AFP

AFP: Trumpists create anti-government group

WASHINGTON. Former US officials who led the anti-immigration crackdown under Republican Donald Trump announced a new legal advocacy group aimed at attacking the agenda of the “radical activist left” allegedly being promoted by Democratic President Joe Biden.

Stephen Miller, the powerful White House aide who led Trump’s restrictive immigration policy; Gene Hamilton, Miller’s main ally in the Justice Department at the time, and Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, will lead the America First Legal Foundation.

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They described it as a “new conservative nonprofit committed to upholding America’s first principles and fighting the radical and lawless agenda of the left.”

“For too long, conservative and traditional Americans have been overwhelmed, wasted, excluded and manipulated by radical progressive legal organizations,” Miller said in a statement.

The group said on its website that it plans to fight liberal policies by challenging them in court and that it will cooperate with groups with similar agendas, including conservative officials.

He also added that he will not focus on a single topic. But under Trump, Miller and Hamilton were the spearhead of his controversial anti-immigration agenda, which included banning the entry of people from several Muslim-majority countries, suspending the admission of refugees and canceling plans to facilitate and offer citizenship to undocumented immigrants , mainly from Central America.


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