Useful computer accessories

Useful computer accessories

PC accessories
Currently, you can print photos directly from your mobile.

Home computing doesn’t just involve word processing or PowerPoint presentations. In addition to the essential elements for the operation of a computer (central unit, screen, keyboard, mouse), there are accessories that are very useful to make the most of the Internet, print or scan.

  • The printer:  for around € 40, you can buy a printer and print all kinds of documents (emails, presentations, photos, greeting cards …). The inkjet printer is the most common because of its low cost, but there are also color laser printers or multifunction printers for copying, scanning and faxing in addition to printing.
  • The scanner:  you can buy a printer with an integrated scanner for around € 70, but it is also possible to buy a portable scanner for around € 80.
  • The webcam :  although it is often integrated into the computer screen, if you have to buy it separately, it is usually not expensive (from € 20). The webcam allows you to broadcast images and sound from anywhere in the world in real time to one or more interlocutors. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your loved ones, even on the other side of the world.
  • Headphones with a microphone:  to get a better immersion in the world of games or simply to listen and be heard better during a video conference, you can buy headphones with a microphone for around € 80.
  • The USB memory:  shock resistant, light and compact, it allows you to store files and take them everywhere for about € 10.
  • The external hard drive:  to expand the memory of your computer or save your files, you can buy an external hard drive for between € 50 and € 350 depending on the storage capacity of the device.

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