WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information

WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information

WAQAS MAQSOOD WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information 

WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information
WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information

Real name: Waqas Maqsood

Nick name: Waqas

Date of birth: 4 November, 1987

Current age: 31 years

Birth place; Faisalabad

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistani

Role: all rounds

Batting style: left handed

Bowling style: left arm fast medium

His body weight in kg:

His body weight in pounds:

Height in m:

Height in cm:

Height in ft. and inches:

Eye color: black

Hair color: black

WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information   INTRODUCTION:

The Waqas Maqsood is a player of Pakistan team. The Waqas Maqsood is a Muslim the nationality is Pakistani and the religion is an Islam. The Waqas Maqsood is born Faisalabad Punjab of Pakistan. The birth place of Waqas Maqsood is Punjab Faisalabad. And the date of birth is 4 November at 1987. The current age of Waqas Maqsood is 31 years while the current age is 31 years and 92 days. The full name of is Waqas Maqsood and his nick name is Waqas. His nick name is only called his family members and close friends with love. The Waqas Maqsood has no girlfriend. The father name of Waqas Maqsood is Muhammad Maqsood. The father is a business man and the mother is house wife. The Waqas Maqsood is a great love with our parents. He starts his early education in the school of Faisalabad. In his childhood he was playing in the street in front of his home. His parents always guide him to focus just on study but he mostly interest in the games. Then he complete the secondary education in the school of Faisalabad, he got good marks in the matriculation. His parents were so happy on his good results performance. He was participating games which build in the school level. He always wins the any games, his cousin advice him to joining the cricket academy which gains the basic knowledge or basic skill of the crickets. After few months he enters the Pakistan cricket team. He always shows good behavior with the other persons which participate the games. He always helps the poor and doesn’t show misbehave to the other persons.


Waqas is an international batsman of the Pakistani cricket team. he was playing with the many other teams such as team of new Zealand, Faisalabad wolves, Punjab Badshah, KPK, Faisalabad, federal areas, Peshawar and Pakistan A and many other teams. He is playing on 4 November 2018 with New Zealand. His performance is so good in this match. He is taking the wickets in this test match series. His coach was so happy and proud on him. In April 2018 for the 2018 Pakistan cup. He first is playing for water and power development authority. On this test match series his family also come and appreciates him to playing well. On last ball his fans was so excited to pray for him to win the match. Finally he taking the wicket and win the match. He was playing with Pakistan side in T20l on 2018 to 2019, he was playing main FC on 2011 to 2012 then again playing with FC in 2013 to 2014 his performance in this test match is so amazing his coach was so happy and proud on him for the good performance. Then he was playing with the team of water and power development authority in 2014 to 2015 then again playing with this team in 2018 to 2019. He was playing as a team of federal areas on 2018, he was so happy on his best performance. In any match his performance is so amazing and tries to playing well in any situation.


The body style is different than other players. The Waqas Maqsood is left handed bats man. The batting style is left handed and bowling style is left handed. The running speed of Waqas Maqsood during the match is very fast.


The favorite players of Waqas Maqsood are shahada Afridi, Yasir shah, Usman Salahuddin. Muhammad Abbas, Younes khan, Fawad khan, and Shoaib Malik. The Waqas Maqsood is like due to his behavior and good performance during the match.


The face color is fair and his face is match with his father. The Waqas Maqsood is naturally good looking and handsome. The eyes color is black. The black color of his eyes is naturally color. He was not using any other color leans for increases the beauty of eyes. The hairs color of Waqas Maqsood is already black. Similarly he was not use any hair color for hairs beauty. The hairs is already shine and beautiful. The Waqas Maqsood is used for hair protection is only shampoo and conditioner. These things give protection from dryness and dust particles.

WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information  BODY SIZE:

The body height of Waqas Maqsood is 5 feet and 9 inches. The biceps size is 15 inches. And the chest size is 34 inches. The waist is 36 inches and the size of his arm is moderate and legs size is also moderate. The Waqas Maqsood maintained our body size with different methods like as he was joined gym for body fitness, eat dieting foods, and eat fresh green salad, drinks milk. The milk is very necessary for bone strongest.

WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information BODY WEIGHT:

The body weight of Waqas Maqsood is 76 kilogram. And in the form of pounds his body weight is 1.67 ibis. The body weight is not present in constant form. The body weight is may be easily gain and lose. The weight increase and decrease is not a big problem for players. If the body weight is increase of Waqas Maqsood according to his original body weight he was eat only diets foods and take daily exercise because the weight increase is not better for cricketer body. Then body weight is increase he was not run properly during match performance. Due to weight increase the breathing rate is increase. Therefore the body weight increase is not helpful for body fitness.  According to this information the balance body weight is necessary for active and healthy body.

WAQAS MAQSOOD complete information  FAVOURITE FOODS:

The favorite foods of Waqas Maqsood is following as

  • Fried fish.


The favorite drinks of Waqas Maqsood is following as

  • Mango juice.
  • Pineapple juice.
  • Orange juice.
  • Sugar cane juice.
  • Strawberry milkshake.

The Waqas Maqsood is only like soft drinks because the soft drinks are not harmful for body health. The soft drinks give naturally nourishment for body growth. While the hard drinks are more harmful for body organs, the hard drinks cause many side effects in the internal side of body. The hard drinks cause many diseases like as cancer, kidney and stomachs problems. In some time he takes a cup of coffee when he was tired or after the match. Because coffee has many benefits such as cut the pain, control your blood pressure, maintains your blood circulation and reduce the heart diseases.


The favorited fruits of Waqas Maqsood are apple, orange and coconuts. These all fruits is better for body heath. These fruits are naturally and make the body healthy and strongest.


The favorite flowers of Waqas Maqsood are rose and sunflower. The rose is the most favorite flower of Waqas Maqsood. The smell of rose flower is naturally and faces freshmen of our mind. Some time for face freshness the Waqas Maqsood is used rose face wash for increase the face beauty. Because the roses face wash give the shining and naturally looking.


The favorite place of Waqas Maqsood is London, japan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arab Emirates. The Waqas Maqsood is goes to these places with our family. The Waqas Maqsood is every wish is start from family and end on family. The Waqas Maqsood gives great importance of our family. Without family the every wishes is incomplete.


The hobby of Waqas Maqsood is following as.

  • Reading daily newspapers.
  • Watching TV shows.
  • Playing video games.
  • Listening music.
  • Playing cricket.


The Waqas Maqsood has not involved any other type bad habits. The Waqas Maqsood is does not smoke, does not take drugs and heroine, and does not drinks alcohols. These things is great harmful for body health. The body becomes weak and lazy due to these things. The smoking causes a mouth cancer and lung cancer. The alcohol and drugs is cause many side effects like as stomach problems, kidney problem. Due to drugs and alcohols the man cannot maintain our balance of mind. The body becomes inactive. Due to these type things the body does not act proper work.


The social media profiles give the opportunity of man to touch with public. The social media profiles of Waqas Maqsood is following as

  • Twitter handle.
  • Instar gram.
  • Wikipedia page.


The salary is 1 lac. The Waqas Maqsood in not waste our salary in the wrong way. The Waqas Maqsood is only using our salary in the way of Allah. The Waqas Maqsood is helping the needy peoples. The first salary of Waqas Maqsood is used in shopping for family gifts.

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