What are the languages ​​that emerged from Latin?

What are the languages ​​that emerged from Latin?

When self-taught , we do not necessarily realize the proximity between Latin and European languages.

Hence, this recurring question: what is the use of speaking Latin in the 21st century?

In fact, we repeat ourselves a bit: Latin is the cradle of the western and eastern Roman languages.

Latin is a language of the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family.
Our culture is less Hellenistic than Latin: many official European languages ​​of the EU are Roman, of Latin origin.

By reading ancient Latin texts or any Latin inscription, we will realize the great similarity of Latin to living languages ​​of today.

The hegemony of the Roman empire has caused a process of Latinization in all the conquered provinces of Europe. Speaking Latin was, in the ancient world, the only way to integrate into society.

In addition, the Romans granted citizenship to the free men of the Roman colonies, which explains the high degree of Latinity that still persists from Portugal to Romania, from Spain to southern Italy.

The languages derived from Latin can be classified into three language groups with similar Latin roots:

  • Italian languages,
  • Western Roman languages,
  • The eastern Roman languages.

The highly influential living languages ​​derived from Latin are Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, French, Italian and Romanian.

Do you dare to take a Latin course ? What are the languages ​​that emerged from Latin?

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