What are the treasures that you can discover in Algeria?

What are the treasures that you can discover in Algeria?

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“Leaving Algeria is a violent act. A tear that involves memory, its core, its integrity. It is getting away from yourself. It is going to wander, leaving behind the land itself. Leaving behind what defines it. ” – Nina Bouraoui
Algeria, without a doubt, is a country full of contrasts and wealth . These same riches, of which Algerians can be very proud, we find them at different levels: history, gastronomy, culture, architecture. There are many points of interest that make the country fascinating and particularly conducive to tourism.
In this way, you should know that this country of no more and no less than 44 million inhabitants (2020 figures) offers a great variety of opportunities when it comes to spending a vacation and buying a plane ticket. From Constantine to the center of Algiers, passing through Kabylia, Algeria is a destination that will not leave you indifferent , reinforced by an Algerian people as welcoming as you can find in all other North African countries.
However, in the face of so much wealth, it is sometimes difficult to become familiar with the context of this Maghreb country , located halfway between tradition and modernity . But don’t panic, here is everything you need to know about Algeria.

All about the history of Algeria: What are the treasures that you can discover in Algeria?

Algeria: a very rich territory, but above all in history.
The history of Algeria is rich, very rich and, without a doubt, it helps to better understand everything that the country has lived through . His identity is such that it is essential not to forget the past. Therefore, here we leave you some of the main lines of the history of Algeria, so that you can better understand today’s history.
During Antiquity , Algeria was made up of Numidia , a kingdom located in the east of the country, inhabited by Berber tribes . Numidia gave way to the Roman province of Africa Nova, which consisted of two territories, shared by two kingdoms:
To the east, the kingdom of the Masilia (near present-day Constantine).
To the west , the kingdom of Masesilos (between Wadi al-Kebir and Muluya).
In 148 BC Masinisa, the prince of the Masilios, died and the Romans achieved the division of the kingdom of Numidia between the three sons of the king . Time passed and one of the sons died. In this way, the kingdom was then divided between the two sons and Jugurtha , the illegitimate son of a brother of Micipsa. In time, Jugurtha ended up reigning alone and again unified Numidia.
In the Middle Ages , Muslims began to arrive in the territory, between 670 and 702, thus changing power. Then the Ottoman period began, a moment that began with the taking of the city of Oran by the Spanish in 1509. This event lasted until 1792, which posed a great threat to the Muslims .
Starting in 1515, Algeria fell under Ottoman rule and became a province in its own right. The Regency of Algiers will make it autonomous, although with some nuances. Eventually, Morocco would try to take Algeria, but thanks to the courage of the increasingly powerful Algerian people , it was able to stand up to it.
The French Revolution was the time when France borrowed a large amount of money from Algeria. However, by the year 1827, France had not returned the amount of money. Faced with this fact, Hussein Dey, the last Ottoman governor of Algeria, at that time, asked to receive the French consul, Pierre Deval, to request a refund in good form.
However, all this was the beginning of a conflict. Little by little, Algeria became a colony in 1830 and underwent many changes, as well as great inequalities .
Between 1954 and 1962 , the war in Algeria took place, a milestone in the country’s history. During this war the French army and the Algerian nationalist insurgents fought, which were grouped in the National Liberation Army (ELN), framed in turn by the National Liberation Front (FLN).
The war began mainly because the French governments and the colonists refused to modify the inequalities that were eating away at the country, so the entire Algerian people mobilized, since the country had no army.
The war in Algeria was a real massacre: there were more than 1,500,000 dead! Finally, in 1962, the war was ended with the independence of Algeria and the replacement of the Fourth Republic by a Fifth Republic.
Subsequently, Algeria had certain tensions with the United States, but the country has not only experienced that, but also a quite serious financial crisis in the 1980s, a civil war, the Black Spring or the election of Abdelaziz Bouteflika. In short, Algeria has a very rich history in fact, but also in meaning!

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