On the Lidl website you can find these small metal cubes for less than 4 euros in price. They are a reusable version of the old ice cubes. A kitchen accessory that is becoming very fashionable together with reusable straws.

Made of food-grade stainless steel, these metal cubes can be placed in the freezer and then placed in any beverage to chill without losing its flavor . There are many people who prefer them over traditional water ice. 

While the ice ends up melting spoiling the drink if we have not consumed it quickly, these cubes keep it cold without watering it down. After washing them we can put them back in the freezer to have them ready . Also if you have not remembered and you have visitors or you want to drink something, you can put them in the cold and they freeze faster than warm water.

Coral in the sea
Plastic pollution in the sea makes corals sick

Pollution in the sea is not a new topic. But now it has been confirmed with scientific evidence that it is also causing diseases in plants, these colonial animals that inhabit the seabed.

Not only can they be square, Lild also includes four steel cubes and two balls in the package, in case you prefer them to be spheres. But that’s not all, it also offers eight reusable metal straws and two brushes to clean it inside. 

Reusable straws, in addition to helping to keep your drink cold, are also good for the environment. Many people are betting on the paper format that degrades more easily than single-use plastic. As their commercialization has been banned in Europe , the use of these accessories is becoming popular.

For lovers of cocktails and those who want to celebrate parties later, now that the security measures due to the pandemic are beginning to soften, it can be a very complete set. Four ice cubes, two balls and eight straws for only 3.99 euros .

In Amazon we can find similar games of up to 6 cubes with tweezers to manipulate them and not use your hands when preparing drinks, for 12.99 euros . If you also want straws, a set of 13 with cleaners can cost 10.99 euros . What are these strange cubes that Lidl sells for 3.99 euros for?