What brand of boxing gloves should I choose?

What brand of boxing gloves should I choose?

There are many brands of boxing gloves in the sportswear market.: What brand of boxing gloves should I choose?

Wearing good gloves will help you avoid injuring yourself: hitting a doll or punching bag without gloves can do a lot of damage to the skin and cause cuts and tears.
Boxing gloves influence the quality of the fight: the padding, with foam or without foam to avoid sweating?
The gloves will absorb shock and protect you when your opponent tries to reach you. There are coatings such as leather, semi-leather or synthetic leather that are specifically designed for this function.
There are several criteria for choosing the best boxing gloves:
The level at which you practice the sport: an Olympic champion needs high-end gloves, while a beginner has enough with mid-range gloves.
The size of the gloves depends on your weight: gloves that are too small reduce the intensity of your blows and will not allow you to protect yourself adequately. Oversized ones will make your punches not as fast. In the weight categories, from rooster to heavy weights, the size of the gloves ranges from 8 to 12 Oz (ounces).
Once you have the optimal size of the gloves according to your goals, your height and your weight, you will have to start comparing the products according to their price.
There are many brands of boxing gloves and they offer various price ranges, from € 10 to € 200.
Decathlon’s sports brand sells entry-level gloves for € 12.99, while the Dragon Sports store sells high-end professional boxing gloves for € 199.
High-end gloves, recommended by boxing federations for professional competitions (Spanish, European, world championships, Olympic Games…), are made of leather and have a fairly long useful life.
Adidas, Domyos, Everlast, Metal Boxec, Reyes, Twins, Venum, Fairtex, Ringhorns, etc. Those are some of the brands that can be found.
Here is a small summary of the brands and the prices at which you can buy the gloves:

Maker Gloves type Brand Price Range and level of practice

decathlon Boxing initiation gloves FKT 180 red Domyos € 12.99 Beginners, initiation.
Dragon Sports Multibox Leather Gloves adiBC01 Adidas € 40 Regular workouts, beginner to intermediate level.
Urban fighter Twins special bgvl3 boxing glove red, white or black. Twins € 110 High end, professional boxing.
Dragon Sports RY2 Lace Up Fighting Gloves Kings € 199 High-end, high-level boxing.

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