What budget to expect for group tutoring classes

What budget should we foresee for private tutoring classes?

What budget to expect for group tutoring classes

We have already mentioned that group classes are cheaper, but how much do tutoring classes cost?

Private teachers do not all charge the same, far from it. Their fees depend on many different criteria and we must take them all into account when thinking about the price of the classes.
The fees vary, logically, according to the teacher’s experience, their training and qualifications, the geographical area in which they work, the level at which they teach and the subject or discipline taught :

Primary, secondary, baccalaureate, University, FP, etc. level.

Preparation for Selectivity exams.
Methodology classes.
Classes of scientific subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry …).
Classes of literary subjects (Spanish, French, English, history, geography …).
Intensive courses, exam recovery, etc.
Before paying for group classes for their children, parents must be able to identify the objectives they want to achieve : get good grades, pass a certain subject, avoid repeating a year, expand their knowledge, acquire new skills, etc.

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Many teachers reduce their fees based on the number of classes and the total number of students, so do not hesitate to ask the teacher to consider if you will receive a discount or reduction.
An example; A teacher who charges € 500 for 10 sessions may reduce this fee to € 350 for 20 sessions and € 200 for 40 sessions.
Teachers are free to set their own rates, according to the annual or monthly income they want to achieve and the hours of work.
In Spain, the average price for tutoring classes is approximately € 10 / hour; but depending on each teacher and their profile, we can find classes for € 6 and others for more than € 45.What budget to expect for group tutoring classes

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