What do you learn in boxing coach courses?

What do you learn in boxing coach courses?

What do you learn in boxing coach courses?

Boxing coach training includes a lot of pedagogy and techniques to train young boxers!
As we have said, to become a professional boxing instructor, you must earn the title of boxing coach . But what do you learn in these types of courses ? Discover the content of the boxing coach courses!

The content of the boxing trainer courses: What do you learn in boxing coach courses?

Boxing trainer courses are divided into two parts:  theory and practice . Therefore, you will learn everything you need about safety, the organization of the sessions and the philosophy of the sport. In fact, being a coach is not just helping a person put on boxing gloves and teaching them to punch, it is much more than that.
You will also have to overcome the practical part , which allows you to put yourself in the situation. Therefore, you will be able to observe and accompany an already experienced professional in their activities. Obviously, there are more hours of practice than theory in this type of training because, in boxing, you learn everything in the ring!

Skills development during the course

“Boxing never lies, getting into a ring is a very reliable way of knowing what you are worth: either you win or you are beaten, but you cannot lie, not to yourself or to others” – Joël Dicker
Maybe one day you will be able to say one of these quotes to your students! In the meantime, you must acquire many skills  during your training as a boxing instructor, such as:
Learn to organize and manage a boxing or physical training session.
Adopt an educational method with each student.
Be a good manager, either for logistics or for groups.
Gain experience to know how to adapt to a situation or a student.
Know how to train both a novice boxer and a Spanish champion.
With your training as a boxing coach you will surely acquire all these skills!

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