What do you think is the best attitude to learn?

What do you think is the best attitude to learn?

Above all, trust in his teacher . Even more than themselves. When we sing, what we ourselves hear does not always correspond to reality, so they have to show a humble attitude and learn from every comment and suggestion, for which they must fully trust their teacher. A bond of trust and understanding must be created between student and teacher.

What do you think are the main difficulties or obstacles for your students?: What do you think is the best attitude to learn?

I think the principle is what costs them the most. You have to master parts of the body that we are not usually aware of, so the first classes end up being an overdose of information about what to do with the larynx or breathing, for example. At first it seems like a lot more information than they can absorb, but little by little they assimilate it.
And if your goal is to sing better in the shower … that’s good for us!
For you, what are the particular advantages over group classes in conservatories, academies, schools, etc.?
In general, singing classes are usually individual, although sometimes there are groups. These classes must be individual because each voice is a unique instrument. Teachers must focus in a particular way on each student and on solving their vocal problems (shortness of breath, jaw problems, etc.). Each person must be treated as if they were patients and you were their doctor and had to attend to specific cases in each one.

What makes you a Superprof?: What do you think is the best attitude to learn?

I think it is that it motivated me right away. When I see that they achieve something that cost them, I am more excited than they. I live it as if I was the one singing.
Now that we live in the world of the Internet and new technologies: do you have any computer or Internet resources that you would recommend to your students?
I usually send them YouTube videos, especially about anatomy: laryngoscopic operations, for example. I want you to become familiar with these essential parts of the body for singing.
Do you have any anecdote in your experience as a teacher?
Well no, I can’t think of anything right now.

Could you mention a book, a movie, a song and a trip?

I’m going to start with the trip because it is the one that I have the clearest: some auditions that I did in Salzburg, in Austria. I was amazed.
A song: No one but you , composed by Brian May to Freddie Mercury when he died, and which is always part of my repertoire when I go to auditions.
A book: El Alquimista , by Pablo Coelho.

What do I have left?

A movie … or a play, if you prefer.
A musical! Les Miserables or The Phantom of the Opera.
I don’t know if you live solely and exclusively from teaching, but do you think that a Superprof can live with the income from the classes that they get through this platform?
Yes, I live exclusively from the classes, in addition to some concert or gig that may go out, which gives me some financial support but to a lesser extent.

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