Sound technicians work behind each song, each series or film and each event. True professionals who from the shadows make it possible for recordings and audiovisual productions to be of the highest possible quality so that we can enjoy them.


As its name suggests, a sound technician is in charge of recording, capturing and reproducing sounds in audiovisual productions such as music, in cinema, television, radio, etc … and in events such as congresses or festivals where the quality of the sound is very important.

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What does a sound technician do?: What does a sound technician make and how much does it earn?

Sound technicians perform functions related to sound recording both on a film set and in a recording studio. The acoustic quality in the events is also your responsibility, so you need to have technical and artistic knowledge so that everything goes as planned.

The functions of a production technician can be encompassed in production or post-production and will have to specialize depending on the medium where they carry out their activity:

Sound technician

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Sound technician

Radio and television: What does a sound technician make and how much does it earn?

The technicians who work in radio are in charge of managing the sound mixers, the music players and monitoring all the processes so that the sound quality of the broadcast is optimal. In addition, on the radio they will have to play with the volume adjustment, the narrations and the music tracks.

On television, the sound technicians are in charge of all the voice, sound and music recording systems, so they must carry out all the installation of speakers, microphones and all recording equipment so that the live capture is done with a quality determined.

Events (edit): What does a sound technician make and how much does it earn?

The sounding of events is another of the branches of work of a sound technician. In events, you must take into account the place (exterior, interior …), all possible sound distortions and prepare all the sound equipment that will be needed on the stages so that the sound can reach all corners of the event and the recording is done properly.

Recording studio: What does a sound technician make and how much does it earn?

Recording studio music recordings are one of the best-known specialties of sound professionals. Depending on the type of recording, one or more technicians will be present to record a musical track, adapting all the details, tools, equipment (microphones, instruments …). With the aim of achieving a track recorded with the least degree of impurities and allowing quality post-production.

Professional Dj

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Professional Dj


In addition to recording, in an audiovisual production we find the part of the editing and assembly process, one of the most important. Normally in the sector these two areas are clearly differentiated where in post-production the sound technician is responsible for the integration of all the recordings, the post-synchronization, the balancing and mixing of the voices, as well as the application of the special effects.


Sound Technician career opportunities, where do you work?

As we have seen in the functions of a sound technician, these professionals can work in audiovisual productions of all kinds. Thus, we can say that a sound technician will have job opportunities in the audiovisual sector, in television, radio, film recording, series, conducting musical events, festivals, congresses, recitals, in recording studios of all kinds (musical, advertising , dubbing ..).

How much does a sound technician make?

This is one of the most interesting and at the same time more complicated topics, since it is very difficult to establish a generalized average salary in a profession. As in any sector, different factors will come into play, such as training, experience, previous work and the techniques that the person has. In addition, a sound technician with a fixed contract on TV will not charge the same as a sound technician who charges a temporary contract at large shows or festivals.

As an average salary, we can establish that a sound technician with a stable contract who works in radio or television will be able to charge an average of between € 1,300 and € 1,500 per month. While a professional who works on specific events or jobs will charge between 300 and 700 euros per project (festival, concert, …).

What training do I need to be a sound technician?

The training path is the most direct and guaranteed way to start your professional career and open the way to job opportunities.

Taking a sound technician course will allow you to train in the latest sound and recording technologies, know all the equipment and fundamental techniques in audio production and post-production, sounding of events and music production.

With a sound technician training you will become an audiovisual professional capable of launching your career to the top. What does a sound technician make and how much does it earn?