What is clubhouse app?

What is clubhouse app?

What is clubhouse app?

Here I tell you how to get an invitation to this social network so controlled, friendly and personal

Can you imagine a social network where the only thing there are are Facebook groups full of people whose posts are voice notes? Well, that is precisely this new social network that is breaking download records, leaving Face crying with frustration.

What is clubhouse app

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In the midst of all the commotion that exists around applications such as What’sApp and Twitter that are living it collecting data, conversations, listening to you all the time and flooding every second of your life with advertising, proposals are born that is like a breath of air fresh.

But to understand it we have to shelve everything we know so far, since we are used to writing and showing images. Clubhouse breaks the rules of the game and offers a  social network where audios are prioritized .

What is clubhouse app

This should not sound strange to us, because despite the fact that video is the king of content, audio is gaining a lot of prominence. But don’t be prejudiced it is REALLY FUN AND VERY EASY to use.

The best of all is that this social network enters through the big door since it has a good number of users. The downside is that at the moment it can only be accessed by invitation and, to make matters worse, this app can only be downloaded from Apple.

What is clubhouse app

It’s like Facebook groups but with pure audio: What is clubhouse app?

Once  inside find rooms, each with a theme, moderators, administrators, rules, et c. By accessing a topic we can participate in the debate, or not. Anyway and we ONLY want to be listeners.

At this moment most of the users are Anglo, so it will be difficult to find discussions. We believe that little by little there will be more Latin audiences and more rooms of our interest.

Regarding the operation, in Clubhouse there is a  brief biography of each user , you can also follow other users. If we do not comply with the rules we can be reprimanded and even expelled from the rooms.

What is clubhouse app

How to get Clubhouse invites

If we want to be part of the Clubhouse WE NEED:

  1. That someone with an account in that social network send us an invitation with our email.
  2. Enter directly and reserve a name . That is, download the app, reserve our username and wait on the waiting list. In this way if someone inside recognizes us.
  3. It is important to make sure that someone within the app has invitations available as they are limited per person.

Each new Clubhouse user has two invitations  and he decides who to give them to. Every time a user enters the app, participates, creates rooms, and more, they will get experience points which you can exchange for invitations or additional functionalities.

To register in Clubhouse we can import our Twitter account as they are closely related. Although we can also  fill in the form with our full name, telephone number and username .

The new social network

The app is only available for iOS, but it  is rumored to be coming FOR Android soon . I recommend that you hurry since now personalities such as Elon Musk, Aston Kutcher, Jared Leto, Oprah Winfrey, Keanue Reeves, Jhonny Deep and other celebrities are talking directly with their followers since there are still few users.


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