What is postal code?

What is postal code?

What is postal code?

What is postal code?
What is postal code?

What is postal code? Postal code approval

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What is postal code? Postal divisions in Belgium


Postal division or town


  • 1. Enter and guarantee data
  • 2. Print transport report
  • 3. Obtain by the messenger!

What is postal code? Send now

In Belgium, the State mail was upheld in 1830. DE Post-La Poste was taken in 2006 by an organization diode by the Danish post working environment. After several years, the post of Kingdom of Denmark came its speculations. Presently, the correspondence of the nation is led by the territory of Belgium, close by CVC Capital Partners, United Nations organization own 0.5 the offers. The inverse 0.5 is part as follows: zero.46% of the offers is inside the ownership of the laborers of the mail and furthermore the forty nine.57% is in free buoy. The Gregorian schedule month initial 2010; DE Post-La Poste adjusted its name in Boost. Since Gregorian schedule month 2013, the portions of this are recorded on the financial unit Boost Euronext Brussels. After a year, the corporate was encased inside the BEL20, a list on the Euronext trade, which has twenty of the most significant public firms of Belgium.

What is postal code? Belgian correspondence codes

Belgium includes an arrangement of postal code to four digits. The essential 2 digits diagram town and partitioned at an equal time the nation in changed correspondence zones. It starts with ten to Brussels; we will in general proceed towards the upper east dextrorotatory till Eel that starts with 99. The last 2 numbers confirm the post working environment of the spot. Nonetheless, correspondence codes aren’t generally; necessariamnete; decisively with the limits of the districts.

What is postal code? Significant CAP in Belgium

The following there’s a posting of fundamental nothing codes in Belgium:

1000: Brussels Center

1020: Brussels-Liken

1070: Anderlecht

1120: Brussels Nader-Over-Heembeek

1130: Brussels Harem

1400 Nice lies

1410 Waterloo

1500: city

1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

1700 Dibble

1800 Vilvoorde

2000: city

2018: city

2020: city

2030: city

2040: city

2050: city

8000: city, Koolkerke

The postal district of the au Parliament is that the 1047, the postal district of the EU Council and furthermore the European Council is 1048, the postal division of the au Commission is 1049. 1110 is that the postal code of world association. In the event that the postal code you wish isn’t recorded, if it’s not too much trouble utilize our correspondence codes looking.

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